Monday, May 14, 2012

Dallas Bound

We went to Dallas this past weekend for the first time since having Audrey. We decided to throw Madison's 2nd birthday party while we were in town since all of our family and a good portion of our friends are in Dallas. 

We stayed with Papa and Vivi this time and the kids had a lot of fun playing at their house, especially in their backyard!

Audrey took a lot of naps on the couch...
Maddie likes to do everything her sis does...
Beekah painted Maddie's toes to get ready for her party.

My dad, Pop, got to meet Audrey for the first time.

Madison LOVED her Minnie Mouse Party

She looked SO precious!
Audrey slept through through just about the whole party.
Holly and Amber got to meet Audrey for the first time. I didn't get a picture of Holly with Audrey. Both their kiddos were sick so they kept them home form the party and came by, sans kids, after the party was over to meet Audrey since we were in town.

My dad, Pop, built this whimsical little tree house. He is SO talented! It made the perfect Mickey Mouse club house for the party.

I took Audrey over to meet my Meme and Papa (my mom's parents).

We had a fun weekend with the family!

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