Thursday, May 3, 2012

1 month old

Audrey is already 1 month old! The time is literally FLYING by. What a fun month it has been. This is pretty much what we see... always asleep and mostly happy!
Chubby cheeks!

She has a few quick bursts of awake time during the day (when she's not eating). The kids REALLY want to play with her during this time. It lasts about 5-10 minutes before she is ready to go to sleep :)
She is in our room in the pack-n-play bassinet. I have put her in her crib upstairs for a few naps just to start her getting used to sleeping up there too. I have to really watch Hunter and Madison when she is sleeping they love to cover her up with blankets because they think she's cold, or shove a paci in her mouth. Madison has been known to try to share her snacks with which Hunter will yell "NO MADISON she doesn't have any teeth!!!"
I love her little awake times. It's great to see her eyes open and watch her explore. She started making eye contact and tracking us the past 2 weeks and has given me a handful of purposeful smiles.
She is a naturally good sleeper. She came home from the hospital with a 4-5 hour stretch at night and has continually gone up with that to up to 6 hours. On a good night she is down for bed at 7pm (same time as Hunter and Madison) and we wake her at 10pm for a feed then let her go as long as she wants...on a good night she will go till 3 or 4am then up at 7am for the day. On a not so good night she will be back up at 1am and 5am. It really depends on how well she ate during the day. The days she eats every 3 hours really well, she will go longer at night. But some days she is really hard to keep awake for feeds and those nights she is a lot hungrier. Either way, when she is down she's down...only up to eat and then right back to sleep. Around the 2 week mark we introduced the bottle so Jordan could take one feed a day. I had a lot of pumped milk stored up in the freezer so he has been taking the 10pm feed which allows me to go to bed earlier if need by (8:30/9) to get a longer stretch of sleep. We've done this with all 3 kids and it's worked really well!

One thing I've noticed with our 2nd and now 3rd kiddo is how much I love our middle of the night feeds. Having the older kids around during the day makes for a hectic feeding time when it's time. The world can't stop like it did with our first just because it's time to eat. I do a lot of on the go nursing...walking around the house, making sandwiches, sippy cups, disciplining etc. SO those quiet middle of the night feeds with just me and Audrey where I can sit and relax and just hang out with her are really nice! I save my TIVO'd shows for our middle of the night feeds and I just sit there and just snuggle her and let her go as long as she needs. Right now it takes her about 45minutes to eat which is an improvement from the 1 hour feeds we had the first 2 weeks (mostly because of her sleepiness).
After we came home from the hospital she had to go back to the doctor a few times for jaundice and a heart murmur that still hadn't gone away form birth. By 10 days old it was still present so our pediatrician sent us to see a cardiologist just to make sure it wasn't a result of an underlying heart condition. We saw the cardiologist when she was 2 weeks old and it had resolved on it's own! Her ECG was perfect. They want to see her back in 3 months just to be sure. But for now she is in the clear.
At 2 weeks she weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces. We took her back in a week later (3 weeks) and she weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces! The doctor was amazed at her rapid weight gain! I took her back in because I knew she had silent relflux (all 3 kids have had it). She started her on Prevacid and it has made a world of difference. She is much more comfortable during and after feeds. Now at one month she weighs around 8 pounds 14 ounces.
Audrey loves to take baths. She tolerates diaper changes if she has been recenly fed but if she is hungry she lets us know JUST how unhappy she is about having to get her diaper changed before getting her food! When we change her diaper she shakes her legs (clonus relfex), it's totally normal at this age and just a sign of an immature nervous system but it's funny because Hunter and Madison only did it in their ankles at this age but she gets her whole leg going. Hunter asked me what she was doing the other day and I said she's thumping like Thumper! It just kind of stuck. It's her nickname for now :)
Audrey and I snuggle on the lounge chair out back every afternoon while Hunter and Madison swim. I LOVE getting in these sleepy snuggle times.

Audrey 1 week (20.5 inches), Madison 23 months (36 inches), Hunter 4 years 2 months (42 inches).

This was my first trip to the grocery store with all 3. Nana was still in town and went with us on our first attempt. Audrey is in the Baby K-tan which she loves (she also loves the Bjorn) she loves being close to us. She was 5 days old in this picture so we've obviously made this trip many times since. They all do great! The kids also love to go on walks after dinner. If we can finish dinner in time and time it up with Audrey's feeds we all go on a family walk after dinner and before bath/bed. I push the girls in the jogger and Hunter rides his bike. I have taken all 3 out on walks a few times in the mornings too but it gets hot so early here that evening seems to be the best time. Plus it's a lot of fun to do as a family!

I love her milk coma smiles :)

Audrey I can't believe you are already 1 month old.  You are the perfect addition to our family. It's as if you were always here. You fit right in and we all love you so much. You have such a sweet temperament already. Everyone is fighting for time with you and to get to snuggle you. You are still so tiny and your favorite thing to do is nap on mommy and daddy's chest. You are a great sleeper and eater and you love to be on your tummy. You do not like to be on your back especially after eating. Your best naps are with mommy in the afternoon while Hunter and Madison nap. Holding you is one of my favorite things to do all day. I love to sneak up in to your room and rock you in the quiet and study all of your beautiful features. We have been told by so many people that you are the most beautiful newborn they have ever seen....I have to agree! You brighten up our days so much and we love you more than you will ever comprehend. You are our little angel!


Ashley Locke said...

Love that first picture, cracks me up. You're a rockstar, Mama!! <3

Christine said...

She is such a beautiful baby!! This sweet post makes me excited about having another baby!