Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Madison is 23 months old

This past month we have spent most of our time outside because it has been really nice out! I was back on my feet but was VERY pregnant and VERY tired of contractions. I was definitely NOT at my best! We spent almost everyday in the pool (me floating around) and the kids going nuts and having fun.

We had a few picnic dinners outside (yes those are Christmas plates you see)
This is the point of the pregnancy where I was too lazy to even put swimsuits on my children. Don't judge.

Yes, she is drinking the pool water

Hunter and Madison tried their best to convince me to let them nap in the toy chest one day.
Madison has become quite the snuggler lately.

I love this sweet precious face
Most notably she is REALLY into ALL things pretty. Pretty toes especially! and bows, and purses and jewelry...
Madison is 23 months old! She met her baby sister for the first time yesterday and already she seems to have completely grown up right before our eyes. Perhaps her teeny tiny sis makes her look that much bigger?! She is such a big girl. She is an old 23 months. She is 2-3 months younger than Hunter was when we brought her home from the hospital but she seems older than he did because she is so self sufficient! She is my big helper...follows big brothers lead on that one. She loves to go get things for us and wants to be totally independent with her own self care (dressing, bathing, buckling, getting in/out of car, changing her own diapers, getting herself dressed, brushing her teeth)....I could go on and on.

She recently had her 3rd bout of strep throat in 4 months (finished the antibiotics the day Audrey was born). Her ENT is considering taking out her tonsils and adenoids.

She is SO much like I was as a child. Her personality seems exactly like mine. Although I will say she has become slightly more dramatic these days but then again she has an older brother pestering her (which I did not have). She has definitely learned the fine art of crying wolf! She loves to give LONG and tight hugs and if she has a boo boo it must be kissed (no matter where it is). She is VERY brave, no, she is FEARLESS. She loves to be on the go or outside. If she sees Jordan or me getting our things together to leave she runs over and puts her shoes on and waits by the door in hopes that she gets to tag along too. Now that it's getting dark later (time change), we've been able to do stuff outside after dinner like go for walks as a family or go to the park or get back in the pool. The kids love it. I love this time of year for that reason. The toys hardly get played with at all because we are outside most of the day!

She loves to swim and has actually started swimming (like self propelling) in her swim lessons now. She isn't ready to take off the puddle jumper in our pool yet but she is closer. I am clinging on to it as long as possible because she will have to be watched like a hawk that fearless child! She loves to sing and has a few songs she knows. She tries to sing her ABC's but she gets out of order and jumps around, which is adorable. She counts to 5 and says a prayer at dinner if we ask her to. She sleeps 7p-7a and naps around 2.5-3 hours a day (11:30-2/2:30). She is still obsessed with Mickey mouse, her daddy, and most recently her new baby sister. We cherish each day with ALL of our kids and thank God for these wonderful blessings!!

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