Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Hunter and Madison woke up Easter morning to some Easter baskets. Mickey Mouse for Madison and Cars for Hunter...naturally. They were pretty excited about them and the egg hunt Nana had planned for after church and naps.

I just noticed their pj's match the theme of their baskets
All 3 kids ready for church. We were actually on time for our first trip as a family of 5! (Nana was still in town which MAY be the reason we made it out of the house on time our first time :)

Audrey is only 5 days old but she made her debut on Easter sunday! She looked so precious (they all did!)
Proud Nana
Nana was awesome and bought and stuffed eggs and HID them for the kids while they napped. They woke up and were SO excited to go hunting for them in the backyard! Hunter went as fast as possible and gathered as many as he could find and Madison stopped and opened (and ate) each one as she went a long. I didn't get many pictures because I took a video of most of it instead. It was so precious! Thanks Nana!

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