Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beekah and Meagan

Aunt Beekah and Aunt Meagan came in town to meet Audrey this past weekend. Meagan had to make it a quick trip overnight trip but she was able to do the newborn photo shoot while she was here. Aunt Beekah stayed the whole weekend and the kids soaked up all the extra attention! 

Madison loves to take care of her baby doll just like we take care of Audrey. She is usually copying our every move...even down to changing the doll's "poopy" diapers.

She loves to hold Audrey and usually asks to hold her when Audrey is eating. She is first in line the moment Audrey is finished :)

Our best attempt at a picture of Beekah and all her babies :) little miss wasn't having it. She's not a fan of the group pictures these days.

Aunt Meagan got in her newborn snuggles after the big kids went to bed.

The kids LOVED having their aunts here and I am so glad they were able to come meet Audrey while she is still tiny :)

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