Thursday, April 5, 2012

Audrey meets the family

The morning after Audrey was born Jordan, Nana, Papa and Vivi brought Hunter and Madison up to the hospital to meet her for the first time. Hunter was REEEEEALLY excited about meeting her. It was really neat to see his reaction and for him to actually understand what was happening this time around. I am fairly certain Madison thought Audrey was her new baby doll. She is completely obsessed with her as well but in a different way :)

Hunter just kept smiling and staring and saying "Audrey just looks so cute mommy. I love her." Madison kept trying to reach to pick her up and was really dying to hold her. They each got a turn with her before opening the presents Audrey got them (aka distraction while the grandparents got in some snuggle time).

This was their first time seeing her
This is where Hunter says "Audrey just looks so cute"
Proud big brother got to hold her first

Madison didn't waist any time begging for her turn

Hunter again. He's just so proud

Distraction :)

Sweet precious baby. I LOVE that newborn smell and the newborn snuggles. I literally did not sleep the first night because I just couldn't get enough of her!

Papa and Vivi and all 3 grand babies!

Nana is showing Hunter all her fingers and toes

She was so alert for daddy

Jordan is mesmerized. I love the look on his face the first time he holds each of our children. Nothing like it!

The next day we discharged home but Audrey had to spend some time under the lights to try to bring her bili down.
Headed home!!

Big bro and sis were EAGERLY awaiting her arrival home

Uncle bud and Aunt Jaclyn came up from Galveston just as we got home
It was a busy night! Madison really clung to papa after we got home. She needed some extra snuggles and attention :)

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