Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Audrey is here!

Audrey Ann Black is here! Born today at 37 weeks 3 days (our first term baby!) at 7:10pm weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces (exact same as Madison) and 19.5 inches long. She is as healthy as can be!

I went in for my appointment today a little earlier than was planned because I was having contractions and Audrey was being a little lazy with movement all morning. I have been contracting regularly for almost 2 weeks now ranging about 3-5 minutes apart sometimes at a functional level and sometimes as a "I can't walk through them" level. The past 3 days had been getting stronger and stronger to where I couldn't really do anything during them and the Tylenol had stopped dulling the pain. I had even gotten desperate enough for relief to take my nifedipine a few times just to get some sleep through them (even though I knew this was delaying the process).

This morning they were the same intensity as the past few days but she had slowed down on movement. I have been hanging on at a loose 5cm for over a week now so I was interested to see if any progress had been made. I arrived at the office and they did an NST to check on her since she had been a little slower in movement. She did great and my contractions were ranging from 3-5 minutes apart but not in a nice perfect pattern...some would be 1.5 min, some 3, some 5, some REALLY painful and some just irritating so I didn't really think it was go time but I did expect some progress and I did think we were getting pretty close.

She checked my cervix and I was at 6cm and she could stretch it further so she told me to stay at the hospital and go walk around and come back if they get in a perfect predictable pattern or too painful to walk through because she wasn't sending me home at 6cm with contractions like I was having.

I got some food walked around a little and it wasn't long before I was hurting pretty bad through all of them and they were right at 3.5 minutes apart on the dot. I called her and left a message seeing if she wanted me to come back to the office to be checked to see if I was in active labor yet or just go to L&D. Before she could even call back I was headed to L&D because they were so intense and 2.5 min apart I didn't want to wait.

They admitted me to L&D at 7cm and gave me an epidural...SWEET BLISS I'm telling you... I was SO CHILL after that! For the first time in longer than I care to remember I had ZERO pain from contractions. I could not get over how good it felt to be me again, contraction free! Jordan couldn't get over the change in me, in my face in my demeanor, my sense of humor etc. I have felt so bad for so long I literally forgot how good it felt to not have contractions! After that we had fun! It was like we were on a date...pain free and kidless just hanging out playing games together (on the iPad). I took this picture because it's so funny how chill the mood is in the room even during transition when momma is feeling good with an epi!

The doctor came over and broke my water around 5:15pm or so an went back to her office (building across the street) to work on charts. It wasn't long before I could tell I was in transition...short of breath, light headed, nauseous etc. I called the nurse to let her know we were getting close and so she could take vitals (just like with Madison's labor I was tachycardic and my heart was skipping beats). She listened to my heart and checked me out and before she could leave to update the doctor I told her Audrey was moving down and I was going to need to push soon. She said well tell me when you actually feel the need to push and THEN I will call the doctor (who was 10 min away) I said well once I get the need there is no stopping it! She went ahead and called the doctor right then and before she left the room I said ok I'm ready to push!

The room quickly turned over and we waited a good 4-5 contractions (10 minutes) before the Doctor got here, talk about major self control not just pushing this baby out! I did NOT wait on the doctor with Madison. The doctor got here and got all dressed and came and stood ready to deliver and I was between contractions so we all just sat there chatting it up and laughing about how we had to wait on her for 10 minutes while she sprinted over here and now she was waiting on me. Then I said "Ok here comes one are you ready?" She said "ready when you are!", I pushed through the contraction and voila out she came. EASIEST DELIVERY EVER!

The coolest part was Audrey got to stay in the room with us! She nursed for about 45 minutes afterward, we got lots of pictures and snuggles and she never left our sight! We both immediately fell in LOVE!

To be continued...


Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

So thankful for a great delivery! Audrey is beautiful!!!

the Harris House said...

She looks perfect! Congrats.

Sara said...

She's precious! Congratulations!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Perfect little face and look at that hair! So glad you got the epidural...I can imagine how wonderful that felt to finally be pain free. Congratulations Jordan and Ashley on your newest addition to your sweet family!