Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sleep walking

Last night around midnight I woke up to a crash sound from upstairs. I looked around and couldn't see Jordan anywhere (I didn't know he was just in the bathroom) so I checked the monitor and Madison wasn't in bed but I could hear her frantically talking over the monitor like she was panicked! I went in her room and found her standing beside her bed in pitch dark holding the lamp over her shoulder (the crash I heard was her pulling the lamp off the fell on the floor and she picked it up and was snuggling it) frantically saying LOVIE like she had been looking for it and finally found it. I went over to her and took the lamp away and she immediately latched on to me crying lovie lovie lovie. I realized she was sleep walking and thought the lamp was her lovie! She was crying for me to give it back. Just about this time Jordan came in and scooped her up and found her actual lovie (which was still in her bed) and put he put her back to bed. She was so cute and sweet once she realized what was going on she kept saying HI to him like she was so glad and surprised to see him! He tucked her back in and she slept till 8:15 this morning and woke up happy. So adorable.

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Ashley Locke said...

That's so funny!! At least she was happy!!