Thursday, March 1, 2012

Potty Training

So poor Madison has been REALLY wanting to potty train for a long time now. We did a 3 day adventure at 17 months and she did really great at home! The problem was when we went out she had no way of communicating to us that she needed to go! At home she would just be bare bottomed and go at will without telling us. Then for outings we would have her go before we left and I would try to have her go when we got places but it didn't carry over very well. So she has been sort of half potty trained since then.

Me going on bed rest and having a different schedule and many different caretakers it was just easier to go back and forth between bare and pull-ups (bare if it was left up to her!)...back and forth is a big potty training NO NO! She still always did well at home when we left the potty out and left her bare but we never tried when she was out and about...we would just put a pull-up on her. Sometimes she would stay in her diapers at home depending on what was going on that day, who was here, what the plans were etc. (another big no no) but hey we are treading water over here at this house so bed rest gets the excuse on that one!

ANY TIME she has a diaper on and she pees or poops she immediately tries to change her self. Jordan and I were hanging out on the bed with the kids the other day and Maddie got up walked in the other room grabbed a diaper and wipes and took off her poopy diaper and proceeded to attempt to change herself right in front of us.....yeah this child REALLY wants to potty train and just be done with it! Jordan and I just laughed hysterically and said ok I guess we will really do this Maddie!

Being only 21 months I know it will take a little longer than the usual 3 days for her to be ok with leaving the house. This time we are doing it on the big potty so it will carry over a little better for when we are out of the house. A perk of being 21 months instead of 17 is she can hold herself on the big potty by herself now..and climb up and down. She also is conversational now so she DEFINITELY can verbalize that she needs to go. She woke up wet this morning and went bare all morning. I gave her 3 sippy cups of fluids so she would have ample practice. Each time I got up to go to the bathroom (which at this point is about every 30 minutes hahaha) I took her with me and she got a turn after me. 1 hour... 2 hours...3 hours...4 hours go by and still NOTHING! How can this child hold 24 ounces of fluid that long! Finally at the 5 hour mark just after lunch at a last ditch effort before nap we went and she peed and pooped on the potty like it was no big deal. I know she did not inherit my bladder! Anyway, she went down for a nap in a pull up and woke up dry! On to the second half of the day :)


Sara said...

I don't comment much but have been reading your blog for years. I met you on WebMd back in the day!

My daughter is 2 1/2 and potty training has been tough. She will pee pee on her princess potty and she will pee at daycare, but that is it. And don't even think about pooping on the potty! But she has got bladder control that rivals Madison's. How do they hold it that long??

I think since she is still so young, she will really take to it again. I wish we had started before two.

Glad baby is still hanging out in utero!

Ashley Locke said...

Yay Maddie!!!! =)