Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just because

Our kids are at such great ages right now. The 4 and under crowd is of course very exhausting and trying at times but Jordan and I are really enjoying their ages right now! We find ourselves laughing at them on a daily basis. A friend of mine just did a post similar to this and it just got me to thinking about all the things I want to remember about this stage!

Madison is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and any time things get a little slow around here (boring) she will go find a remote bring it to us and say "Minnie Mouse!" and then hand us the remote and say "thanks" and then run over to the couch to wait.

Hunter loves the iPad about as much as Maddie loves Minnie Mouse. But he knows we limit his time on it so when he wants to play with it he will say "mommy should I play with the iPad now?"

Madison loves to give hugs and will full on attack us multiple times a day for hugs. When she gets hurt she says "hurt me!" and then runs over and wants lots of hugs for her hurt and kisses...real tears are rarely there.

Hunter loves to talk about Audrey but he never addresses her as's always "baby Audrey". It makes wonder how old they will be before he stops calling her baby Audrey.

Madison is at the stage where she pluralizes every word. Hunter is "tunters", duck is "duckies, hungry is "hungies", hug "hugs" and my favorite is her "AB's" instead of ABC's.

When Hunter says the prayer at dinner he says "Thank you TO our food, thank you To mommy, daddy, Madison and Audrey instead of thank you "for".

When Madison is playing alone with her dolls she says "no ma'am!" a lot. If she and Hunter are playing and having a hard time sharing I can hear them saying "no ma'am" back and forth to each other....each one escalating louder and louder until they are in a "no ma'am" yelling match.

When Hunter needs to go potty (not the pee kind) he is really shy about it if he is around people and will say "I just need to lay down or I'm just tired". I will then quietly say maybe you should go sit on the potty to which of course he will follow through. If he is alone or just with us he will just go on his own BUT he likes to dictate what we all do and where we are while he is gone. "Maddie you come with me, mommy you go sit on the couch in your room" etc.... goofy kid.

Madison loves "pretty things" when my toes are painted she obsesses about them and points them out saying "pretty toes!!!" I painted her toes the other day for the first time and she cannot stop talking about them. At dinner she will stop us mid conversation to point out her pretty toes. When I go get her out of bed in the morning the second the light comes on she raises her feet in the air and says "LOOK pretty toes!"

Poor Madison has strep throat again (3rd time in 4months) and has not felt very good the past few days. She actually let me rock her to sleep the other day. That NEVER happens. I didn't intend to rock her to sleep. I was just trying to calm her down because she was hysterical which is SO unlike her. I took her in to Audrey's room and rocked her in the dark and sang to her and she fell asleep! I loved the extra snuggle time. She hasn't fallen asleep on me since she had the swine flu a year ago and before that she was an infant! She is not our sit still and scratch snuggler like Hunter is so it's been fun to get some extra snuggles. She has been extra cuddly this week :)

Hunter is REALLY excited about Audrey getting here...or rather impatient! He asks about her every day and every time I go to the Doctor he asks if "it's time for her to come out of my belly." Anytime I have a rather strong contraction that makes me stop in my tracks he will say "mommy is your tummy hurting? Is baby Audrey trying to come!" haha he is SO perceptive.

Hunter and Madison both LOVE to make each other laugh. They live for it. Car rides with them together are really fun because they insist on giggling and making each other laugh the whole way. After dinner they both get a boost of energy and chase each other in circles around the house for 20 or 3o minutes giggling and screaming in excitement.

They love to wake each other up in the mornings. I trade off who I get first so they can each enjoy the pleasure of opening each others doors and running in and jumping on the other ones bed.

They have complete opposite tastes in food which actually makes sharing food quite easy! Hunter likes it as plain as can be. He is not a fan of casseroles or anything where he can't see each individual ingredient. He lives for bread and meat as bland as it comes. Madison loves spicy things and dips and casseroles. She is not a big meat and bread fan but LOVES her fruits and veggies! A lot of times we will serve them up some food and they will immediately start trying to swap with each other for their favorites.

They are both at a very helpful stage right now. Hunter especially, being 4, is REALLY helpful and can do a lot of things for himself as well as help Madison with things she can't reach. Madison is also very helpful for 22 months probably more helpful than Hunter was at that age because she has Hunter modeling it for her and she wants to be JUST like him. I have a feeling we will have lots of helping hands once Audrey gets here. I can't wait to see what personality she brings to the mix! I love our little family, we are so blessed!

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Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Sweet little helping hands are a God-send! Shep and Rauly were so great about running to grab a diaper/wetwipes and keeping their eye on Lillie Anna everywhere we went. I'm sure Hunter and Madison won't dissapoint! Thinking of you as you approach your delivery - sounds like it'll be any moment now! Praying for a fast and smooth labor. :-)