Tuesday, March 6, 2012

33 weeks

I haven't done a belly pic in AGES. This was a few days ago around the 32/33 week change over. I have been terrible about taking belly pics since being on bed rest. I saw the high risk OB yesterday for a fluid/cervix measurement. My fluids are still low, about half of what they should be, so she is going to continue to monitor it. She took a quick measurement of the cervix it was 1.7cm long so it's only moved a little in the last 6 weeks (in length). Audrey looked great! She is head down, in position, engaged. She weighs 5 pounds 5 ounces (this was at 33w2d). That is about 2 weeks ahead in weight and her head was about 3 weeks ahead so she is growing really well! They aren't as concerned about the fluids because of the great size she is. Should she start to fall off her curve or significantly decrease in movement then they will be concerned. Until then I go back next week to my regular OB for a normal appointment and manual cervix check and then back to the high risk OB the following week for another fluid check. We are down the the last few days of bed rest! Only 11 more days! We are praising God for bringing us this far. Our doctors have been amazed!

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