Saturday, March 3, 2012

22 months old

Well we are down to the last 2 monthly updates for Madison since she is almost 2! Just in time for Audrey to be born and for her to take over on the monthly updates :)

Madison is 22 months going on 5 years old. Not much has changed this month other than her increasing desire to potty train. We did give it a go and she did great! On day 2 though she started to develop signs of a bladder infection and by day 3 there was NO denying she did in fact have one. We ended up having to take her to urgent care since it was a weekend. She started antibiotics and we were advised to pause on the potty training until her infection cleared up and wait at least 30 days before attempting it again. Apparently it's quite common for little girls to develop UTI's when potty training...who knew?! I'm not sure when we will resume, she is still taking her antibiotics which is messing up her tummy a bit. Potty training is not something I feel like has a "due date" so we will get to it when it works for us all (I presume having a newborn in the house will NOT be the time).

We have slowly been finding our baby paraphernalia these past few weeks. It has been a bit harder than normal because so much of what we own is in storage. Jordan has done a great job of locating the more immediate things we will need for Audrey and has gotten them washed and set up (he's doing the nesting for me!) Madison has really enjoyed seeing all the new stuff around. I am hoping by setting some of it up before Audrey gets here the newness or curiosity will wear off a bit and Madison will leave it alone once Audrey starts using it. Right now she thinks it's her new playground!

Maddie came across this floor play mat in one of our closets and she quickly dragged it out to play with it. I couldn't believe how big she has gotten! Really puts in to perspective just how big she is!
Potty time with daddy :)
She still loves to take care of her baby dolls. Here she is putting her down for her nap. She likes to make sure to cover them with blankets (gonna have to watch that!)

Hunter and Madison really got into this Mickey Mouse episode
Maddie LOVES to play with me on the bed. She found one of Audrey's presents from some sweet friends of ours and she was SUPER excited to get to open it.
She loves the blanket the most :)

She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and loves to be in charge of the remote. I love her cute new swim suit she wears to swim lessons. She has grown out of all her others!
Craft time (gotta watch this one with the crayons and markers)

She can make anything an article of clothing
It's not unusual for me to get up for a bathroom break and come back to find she has taken over my bed rest spot.
It happens more than once a day. She loves to mimic
Such a cutie. Check out those LIPS!
She loved eating Valentines cake pops with mommy on the bed
It's been GORGEOUS here. Madison and Hunter helped daddy work on the flower beds while I watched from the lounge chair.

She LOVES her daddy
And is OBSESSED with her big brother
I can't believe she is 22 months old! We love you so much sweet baby!

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Sarah W. said...

Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter???? I love all of the sweet pictures. What a precious girl!! Can't believe she's almost 2. WOW!