Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just because

Our kids are at such great ages right now. The 4 and under crowd is of course very exhausting and trying at times but Jordan and I are really enjoying their ages right now! We find ourselves laughing at them on a daily basis. A friend of mine just did a post similar to this and it just got me to thinking about all the things I want to remember about this stage!

Madison is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and any time things get a little slow around here (boring) she will go find a remote bring it to us and say "Minnie Mouse!" and then hand us the remote and say "thanks" and then run over to the couch to wait.

Hunter loves the iPad about as much as Maddie loves Minnie Mouse. But he knows we limit his time on it so when he wants to play with it he will say "mommy should I play with the iPad now?"

Madison loves to give hugs and will full on attack us multiple times a day for hugs. When she gets hurt she says "hurt me!" and then runs over and wants lots of hugs for her hurt and kisses...real tears are rarely there.

Hunter loves to talk about Audrey but he never addresses her as's always "baby Audrey". It makes wonder how old they will be before he stops calling her baby Audrey.

Madison is at the stage where she pluralizes every word. Hunter is "tunters", duck is "duckies, hungry is "hungies", hug "hugs" and my favorite is her "AB's" instead of ABC's.

When Hunter says the prayer at dinner he says "Thank you TO our food, thank you To mommy, daddy, Madison and Audrey instead of thank you "for".

When Madison is playing alone with her dolls she says "no ma'am!" a lot. If she and Hunter are playing and having a hard time sharing I can hear them saying "no ma'am" back and forth to each other....each one escalating louder and louder until they are in a "no ma'am" yelling match.

When Hunter needs to go potty (not the pee kind) he is really shy about it if he is around people and will say "I just need to lay down or I'm just tired". I will then quietly say maybe you should go sit on the potty to which of course he will follow through. If he is alone or just with us he will just go on his own BUT he likes to dictate what we all do and where we are while he is gone. "Maddie you come with me, mommy you go sit on the couch in your room" etc.... goofy kid.

Madison loves "pretty things" when my toes are painted she obsesses about them and points them out saying "pretty toes!!!" I painted her toes the other day for the first time and she cannot stop talking about them. At dinner she will stop us mid conversation to point out her pretty toes. When I go get her out of bed in the morning the second the light comes on she raises her feet in the air and says "LOOK pretty toes!"

Poor Madison has strep throat again (3rd time in 4months) and has not felt very good the past few days. She actually let me rock her to sleep the other day. That NEVER happens. I didn't intend to rock her to sleep. I was just trying to calm her down because she was hysterical which is SO unlike her. I took her in to Audrey's room and rocked her in the dark and sang to her and she fell asleep! I loved the extra snuggle time. She hasn't fallen asleep on me since she had the swine flu a year ago and before that she was an infant! She is not our sit still and scratch snuggler like Hunter is so it's been fun to get some extra snuggles. She has been extra cuddly this week :)

Hunter is REALLY excited about Audrey getting here...or rather impatient! He asks about her every day and every time I go to the Doctor he asks if "it's time for her to come out of my belly." Anytime I have a rather strong contraction that makes me stop in my tracks he will say "mommy is your tummy hurting? Is baby Audrey trying to come!" haha he is SO perceptive.

Hunter and Madison both LOVE to make each other laugh. They live for it. Car rides with them together are really fun because they insist on giggling and making each other laugh the whole way. After dinner they both get a boost of energy and chase each other in circles around the house for 20 or 3o minutes giggling and screaming in excitement.

They love to wake each other up in the mornings. I trade off who I get first so they can each enjoy the pleasure of opening each others doors and running in and jumping on the other ones bed.

They have complete opposite tastes in food which actually makes sharing food quite easy! Hunter likes it as plain as can be. He is not a fan of casseroles or anything where he can't see each individual ingredient. He lives for bread and meat as bland as it comes. Madison loves spicy things and dips and casseroles. She is not a big meat and bread fan but LOVES her fruits and veggies! A lot of times we will serve them up some food and they will immediately start trying to swap with each other for their favorites.

They are both at a very helpful stage right now. Hunter especially, being 4, is REALLY helpful and can do a lot of things for himself as well as help Madison with things she can't reach. Madison is also very helpful for 22 months probably more helpful than Hunter was at that age because she has Hunter modeling it for her and she wants to be JUST like him. I have a feeling we will have lots of helping hands once Audrey gets here. I can't wait to see what personality she brings to the mix! I love our little family, we are so blessed!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

36 after bed rest!

I just realized I never posted anything last weekend when I got off bed rest! Maybe the excitement of being back in the land of the living? Who knows! But woo hoo for making it to 35 and now 36 weeks!

Jordan and I had a day date set up for my first day off bed rest. It also happened to be St. Patrick's Day which is the day he proposed to me 8 years ago. It was a big day to celebrate in more ways than one!

We planned a low key date so as not to be too hasty with my stamina. We went to an early mid-afternoon movie and then ate at the Melting Pot, one of my favorite places, and also where we ate the night he proposed to me.

I had my last progesterone shot the day before so even though I was off bed rest and without my contraction meds for the first time I knew the progesterone shot would help me out a little (at least for the week before it typically wears off). We had a lot of fun but I was pretty tired and extremely de-conditioned. I had mild contractions about 4 minutes apart the whole time we were out and I was half tempted to lay down in the movie to get more comfortable! We came home and I spent a least an hour soaking in the tub because of how wiped out I was! It's amazing what 3 months of laying down will do to your body! The last time I was up and moving around Audrey weighed less than a pound and I was in much better shape.

Sunday we went to church and brunch with friends and I took my first nap since the first trimester...I was worn out! Monday I did our normal routine we do with the kids... which I haven't done since bed rest. I got to take them to swim lessons (wow have they improved) and then to a play date at an indoor playground (including lunch). Again I was WIPED out after that morning and was pretty useless the rest of the day.

Tuesday I had a doctor appointment. I found out I was a loose 3cm almost 4cm dilated and she really felt like I would not make it to my 36 week appointment this next Tuesday. She was ecstatic to see that we had made it to 35 weeks 3 days! My contractions at that point were about 4 minutes apart but again very tolerable so I wasn't too concerned, I figured it was all the activity of the day. Before I left she said "now you know what to do when the time comes right? Call me and come in when contractions are 5 minutes apart or if your water breaks...oh wait they are already 4 minutes apart. Well just don't wait until you are 8cm dilated to come in. Come in as soon as you think it's time because this will most likely be fast labor" I went home and relaxed for the night and had a pretty decent night and next day of little to no contractions (progesterone was still in effect).

Thursday I went to my last high risk appointment! Typically Thursday/Friday is when the contractions start picking up quite a bit since my progesterone shot is beginning to wear off. I was up most of the night with contractions and was concerned that Audrey was not moving. I didn't sleep much because I just couldn't shake the feeling that something was up with her. She finally rolled a bit at 5:30am and then again at 7:20am despite my multiple attempts to get her to do her thing! She is always most active at night and in the morning and she just wasn't being herself. I decided to go in to my appointment early. The high risk OB has been monitoring my fluid levels since they have been low the past month or two. My fluids looked great! Right where they should be BUT since Audrey had not been moving much at all the 12 hours up to my appointment they decided to do a biophysical profile on her and she passed! Everything looked as it should except that she seemed to be acting a little lazy for some reason. They did the buzzer test and she startled (which is good). She was breathing the amniotic fluid so they were feeling pretty good that her lungs are mature. There was really no explanation for why she wasn't moving much! She has slowed way down in growth though which had me concerned. She had been 2-3 weeks ahead all along and she was suddenly right on target. Dropped from 69% to 49% in 17 days. She only gained .5 pounds since my last visit and she should be gaining about .5 per week. They have her at 6 pounds 2 ounces now. The doctor said she felt like I was going to deliver before this became a concern but if I had not delivered by 37 weeks then we would need to figure out what to do because it's possible the placenta is pre maturely aging (which she had been suspecting for a few weeks now because of the low fluid levels). She wants me to have weekly biophysical profiles and to check on her and of course kick counts multiple times per day. The high risk OB was very happy we had made it to 35 weeks 5 days and said "we have arrived" she looks good today and would be perfectly fine to deliver!

I left the appointment feeling a lot of relief because I had been concerned about the lack of movement most of that night and morning. I called Jordan and told him the good news and came home just as he was about to leave to pick up Hunter from school. I was pretty tired at that point and the contractions were steady but tolerable (I figured from all the activity and being on the tail end of progesterone). In the hour he was gone to pick up Hunter out of no where the contractions went from somewhat noticeable to WOW these really hurt as I would bend over and grab my knees for each one. I got my contraction counter app out and started actually timing them and they were 2.5-3 min apart. I called my OB to see if I could just come up to the office to be checked because I really did not want to do the whole L&D thing unless I was sure this was go time and didn't want to wait too long and show up at 8cm like she said not too! She called back and said no you are probably in labor just go straight to L&D. I called our sitter to come stay with the kids and she arrived shortly after Jordan got home. Jordan and I got to L&D around 4:00pm and I was 4cm dilated. The contractions were right at 2.5-3 min apart and literally off the chart...perfect bell shaped curves. They were really strong and in my back and pelvis for some reason and I just could not get comfortable. They said the plan was to keep me on the monitor a few hours and check me again and see if I had made any progress. "Active" labor is termed by moving 1cm per hour so I should have progress in a few hours if it's go time but judging from my contractions they were confident it was time.

***If you have followed any of my past pregnancies on this blog then you can join me in thinking hmm where I have heard this before?!?! You may remember my 4 day labor journey with Hunter and Madison. If you don't remember you can catch up! But this is becoming all too familiar :)

So I laid there for 5 hours strapped down to the monitors cringing with each contraction wishing I could do ANYTHING other than just lay there and take it! The contractions were really strong in my back and pelvis which was very similar the start of my 4 day labor journey with Hunter and Madison too. With the first 2 kids the 4 day journey ended with the contractions moving to the front like in the round ligament maybe that should be my "labor sign!" (back labor...not time...front TIME!) My nurse checked on me every so often and would comment on the strength and frequency of the contractions and at one point went ahead and admitted me for delivery and had me fill out all the paper work.

At 9:30 pm she came in to check me to make the call on wether or not it was "active" and I had only moved 1cm (in 5 hours). I was 5cm but had not progressed enough to make the "active labor" call. She said I am in the 2 week limbo of 35-37 weeks where they don't stop labor but they can't augment labor either so I have to show I am in "active" labor for them to help it along (i.e. break water etc)...of course we've been here done this (2 week limbo land thing) twice before so I knew this already. I had mixed emotions because I would LOVE to make it to 37 weeks for once! BUT at the same time thinking about doing THIS for the next 9 days was pretty daunting! Had I been 37 weeks they would have just admitted me for delivery, broken my water and be done! So back home we went to wait her out :)

We got home around 11pm and I took 2 tylenol PM which allowed me to sleep decently well for the night (better than I have in a while). The next morning I was SO groggy though. Jordan let me sleep in and after a while Hunter came in my room and looked in the bassinet and said "mommy is baby Audrey here can I see her?! Are you still hurting mommy" I said "no buddy it's not time yet she's not finished growing" and he looked at my belly and was SO bummed to see that she was still in there. He came over and scratched my arm and said "it's ok I can scratch and make you feel better!" SO PRECIOUS!

So we are here! 36 weeks! And every day counts! I want her to cook as long as she needs but would also LOVE for my body to not do this stalled out labor thing for days upon days! It's been 3 days and contractions are still 3 minutes apart. I sleep only by the grace of tylenol PM and the rest of the day is spent floating in the hot tub and pool because it dulls the pain just enough to allow me to think about something other than timing contractions and it also allows me to be human to my family! I feel so bad that now that I am up and moving around I am not that fun to be around anymore! I try to fake it as best I can but my patience are low and I am fighting agitation most of the day just because of the constant poor family! I had a brief 40 minute period today of NOT ONE CONTRACTION and I felt on top of the world like I could be pregnant forever....AMAZING! Then they came back. :)

The good news is I have more stamina now a week after being off bed rest. I don't feel like I have to crawl into bed after being on my feet only few hours. I have made it through a grocery shopping trip (and a half of one...which I couldn't finish haha). My big plan to cook all these yummy meals I have pinned on Pinterest the last few months have not come to fruition however I have made SOMETHING every night this week for dinner which is a pretty big deal considering how I feel. The house is spotless and the laundry is done. I have nested! So I am so blessed to have had this week and longer to be able to get some of my stamina back. I have managed a few walks with the kids around the neighborhood to try to increase my stamina a bit (doctors orders)...followed by lots of floating in the pool to help me cope with the contractions. Jordan and I have been out on two dates without kids....3 if you count L&D ha! It's been a good week and I am beyond blessed to have made it to 36! I am hoping for 37 if by the grace of God these contractions can tone it down JUST a bit :) otherwise we can't wait to meet her!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sleep walking

Last night around midnight I woke up to a crash sound from upstairs. I looked around and couldn't see Jordan anywhere (I didn't know he was just in the bathroom) so I checked the monitor and Madison wasn't in bed but I could hear her frantically talking over the monitor like she was panicked! I went in her room and found her standing beside her bed in pitch dark holding the lamp over her shoulder (the crash I heard was her pulling the lamp off the fell on the floor and she picked it up and was snuggling it) frantically saying LOVIE like she had been looking for it and finally found it. I went over to her and took the lamp away and she immediately latched on to me crying lovie lovie lovie. I realized she was sleep walking and thought the lamp was her lovie! She was crying for me to give it back. Just about this time Jordan came in and scooped her up and found her actual lovie (which was still in her bed) and put he put her back to bed. She was so cute and sweet once she realized what was going on she kept saying HI to him like she was so glad and surprised to see him! He tucked her back in and she slept till 8:15 this morning and woke up happy. So adorable.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

33 weeks

I haven't done a belly pic in AGES. This was a few days ago around the 32/33 week change over. I have been terrible about taking belly pics since being on bed rest. I saw the high risk OB yesterday for a fluid/cervix measurement. My fluids are still low, about half of what they should be, so she is going to continue to monitor it. She took a quick measurement of the cervix it was 1.7cm long so it's only moved a little in the last 6 weeks (in length). Audrey looked great! She is head down, in position, engaged. She weighs 5 pounds 5 ounces (this was at 33w2d). That is about 2 weeks ahead in weight and her head was about 3 weeks ahead so she is growing really well! They aren't as concerned about the fluids because of the great size she is. Should she start to fall off her curve or significantly decrease in movement then they will be concerned. Until then I go back next week to my regular OB for a normal appointment and manual cervix check and then back to the high risk OB the following week for another fluid check. We are down the the last few days of bed rest! Only 11 more days! We are praising God for bringing us this far. Our doctors have been amazed!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

22 months old

Well we are down to the last 2 monthly updates for Madison since she is almost 2! Just in time for Audrey to be born and for her to take over on the monthly updates :)

Madison is 22 months going on 5 years old. Not much has changed this month other than her increasing desire to potty train. We did give it a go and she did great! On day 2 though she started to develop signs of a bladder infection and by day 3 there was NO denying she did in fact have one. We ended up having to take her to urgent care since it was a weekend. She started antibiotics and we were advised to pause on the potty training until her infection cleared up and wait at least 30 days before attempting it again. Apparently it's quite common for little girls to develop UTI's when potty training...who knew?! I'm not sure when we will resume, she is still taking her antibiotics which is messing up her tummy a bit. Potty training is not something I feel like has a "due date" so we will get to it when it works for us all (I presume having a newborn in the house will NOT be the time).

We have slowly been finding our baby paraphernalia these past few weeks. It has been a bit harder than normal because so much of what we own is in storage. Jordan has done a great job of locating the more immediate things we will need for Audrey and has gotten them washed and set up (he's doing the nesting for me!) Madison has really enjoyed seeing all the new stuff around. I am hoping by setting some of it up before Audrey gets here the newness or curiosity will wear off a bit and Madison will leave it alone once Audrey starts using it. Right now she thinks it's her new playground!

Maddie came across this floor play mat in one of our closets and she quickly dragged it out to play with it. I couldn't believe how big she has gotten! Really puts in to perspective just how big she is!
Potty time with daddy :)
She still loves to take care of her baby dolls. Here she is putting her down for her nap. She likes to make sure to cover them with blankets (gonna have to watch that!)

Hunter and Madison really got into this Mickey Mouse episode
Maddie LOVES to play with me on the bed. She found one of Audrey's presents from some sweet friends of ours and she was SUPER excited to get to open it.
She loves the blanket the most :)

She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and loves to be in charge of the remote. I love her cute new swim suit she wears to swim lessons. She has grown out of all her others!
Craft time (gotta watch this one with the crayons and markers)

She can make anything an article of clothing
It's not unusual for me to get up for a bathroom break and come back to find she has taken over my bed rest spot.
It happens more than once a day. She loves to mimic
Such a cutie. Check out those LIPS!
She loved eating Valentines cake pops with mommy on the bed
It's been GORGEOUS here. Madison and Hunter helped daddy work on the flower beds while I watched from the lounge chair.

She LOVES her daddy
And is OBSESSED with her big brother
I can't believe she is 22 months old! We love you so much sweet baby!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Potty Training

So poor Madison has been REALLY wanting to potty train for a long time now. We did a 3 day adventure at 17 months and she did really great at home! The problem was when we went out she had no way of communicating to us that she needed to go! At home she would just be bare bottomed and go at will without telling us. Then for outings we would have her go before we left and I would try to have her go when we got places but it didn't carry over very well. So she has been sort of half potty trained since then.

Me going on bed rest and having a different schedule and many different caretakers it was just easier to go back and forth between bare and pull-ups (bare if it was left up to her!)...back and forth is a big potty training NO NO! She still always did well at home when we left the potty out and left her bare but we never tried when she was out and about...we would just put a pull-up on her. Sometimes she would stay in her diapers at home depending on what was going on that day, who was here, what the plans were etc. (another big no no) but hey we are treading water over here at this house so bed rest gets the excuse on that one!

ANY TIME she has a diaper on and she pees or poops she immediately tries to change her self. Jordan and I were hanging out on the bed with the kids the other day and Maddie got up walked in the other room grabbed a diaper and wipes and took off her poopy diaper and proceeded to attempt to change herself right in front of us.....yeah this child REALLY wants to potty train and just be done with it! Jordan and I just laughed hysterically and said ok I guess we will really do this Maddie!

Being only 21 months I know it will take a little longer than the usual 3 days for her to be ok with leaving the house. This time we are doing it on the big potty so it will carry over a little better for when we are out of the house. A perk of being 21 months instead of 17 is she can hold herself on the big potty by herself now..and climb up and down. She also is conversational now so she DEFINITELY can verbalize that she needs to go. She woke up wet this morning and went bare all morning. I gave her 3 sippy cups of fluids so she would have ample practice. Each time I got up to go to the bathroom (which at this point is about every 30 minutes hahaha) I took her with me and she got a turn after me. 1 hour... 2 hours...3 hours...4 hours go by and still NOTHING! How can this child hold 24 ounces of fluid that long! Finally at the 5 hour mark just after lunch at a last ditch effort before nap we went and she peed and pooped on the potty like it was no big deal. I know she did not inherit my bladder! Anyway, she went down for a nap in a pull up and woke up dry! On to the second half of the day :)