Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Side by side

I was looking back in the archives of my photos yesterday and found 2 pictures almost identical to each other taken 2 years apart. One down side to my pregnancies is I am always on either light duty (no heavy lifting) or bed rest (obviously no heavy lifting with that either). Hard to do when you have toddlers at foot wanting mommy to hold them. Anytime I stand up I have a child at my feet asking to be picked up. Breaks my heart that I can't do it. It just so happens I snapped a pic of each kid begging to be picked up and held and when I looked back realized it was a matter of weeks apart in the pregnancy and on the Calendar! Crazy! My belly looks bigger in the second picture but it wasn't, it's just the angle of the camera.

25w preg with Madison 22w preg with Audrey
Hunter is 23 months old Madison is 20 months old

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