Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby shower and update

Last week some friends of ours, Grant and Rachel Tonick, called to see if they could bring us dinner on Friday. This is something we do pretty often usually either at their house, out to eat, at our house. Friday came and the kids had gotten up from their naps and we were all (Jordan, me and the kids) hanging out on our bed. Rachel texted me earlier in the day to tell me they would be here around 7pm and they had a sitter. So I told Jordan we needed to figure something out for the kids for dinner since they go to bed at 6:30/7:00 and since this was just going to be the adults (something we usually don't get to do).

My cousin Christine was coming in for the weekend with her son Brody and they were due to arrive at 7:55 at the airport. I texted Rachel and told her Jordan would have to leave by 7:30 to pick her up and she said "oh ok then maybe Grant won't come", and just left it at that. 5pm rolled around and I was still in my bed rest clothes... which at this stage is one of Jordan's shirts (which is gigantic on me but my shirts are way too constricting now), and sweat pants. I had showered earlier that day but my hair was still somewhat wet and I had no makeup on.....you get the picture...I was looking fabulous.

5:30pm rolled around and Jordan got up to make dinner for the kids and he turned and asked me "what are you planning on wearing tonight?" he NEVER asks me that....super weird. I realized what time it was and that I was still looking like a wet dog in oversized clothes and thought maybe he was thinking I wasn't planning on getting ready or something. I said "I don't know I don't have any maternity clothes because they are all in storage so probably just one of my Juicy track suits and a shirt...why? what are you wearing?!"

LOL so weird to be having this conversation! Then I said "I do plan to put make up on at least" haha (not something I do everyday since all I do is lay in bed all day!)

I got dressed, tamed the hair, and put on makeup and headed out to the couch for the night. We usually picnic around the coffee table while I lay on the couch, if we have people over, so I have someone to eat with.

Jordan got the kids fed, bathed and in bed and came and sat next to me on the couch.

At 7pm there was a knock at the side door. He went to answer it and I could barely see over the top of the couch but I heard Rachel's voice and could see she was carrying a bunch of balloons. I said "wow this is quite the occasion!" Then as I kept looking I saw more and more people filing in and realized it was all the girls from my Monday night group at church! Before long my living room was full of people with all sorts of food, gifts, flowers, and balloons.

I looked over at Jordan who was smiling ear to ear and I said "did you know about this?!"

He laughed and said "yes! why do you think I asked you what you were planning to wear?! I thought oh no if she doesn't actually get dressed she will feel bad since it's a baby shower for her"

I just about died laughing thinking how long he must have sat there and thought...ok now how do I say something without giving it away or worse making her feel bad!

Anyway, long story short it was a wonderful surprise. We got to celebrate Audrey and we have a bunch of adorable outfits to dress her in as well as a good start on diapers and wipes!

We have such great friends. They are always SO thoughtful and supportive. I don't know how people make it through things like this in life without a support system. Every week we have multiple calls from people asking if we need anything, or if they can run to the store for us, or take the kids for a few hours to give Jordan a break, or bring us a meal. And now a surprise baby shower! We truly are blessed!

We had a great weekend with Christine and Brody, which I will cover in the next post.

Today I had a checkup with my regular OB. I am 30w3d today...Praise God for making it this far!

I am still doing well. The pressure increased dramatically yesterday and today and it's been 2 weeks since my last cervix check so I was slightly nervous as to what was going on. I told her in my check up and she decided to do a manual exam just to be safe. We normally try to avoid doing that because it can kind of stir things up if you're not careful but being only 30w with a lot of pressure on an already very short cervix is something that needs to be checked out!

It turns out I am 1cm dilated and Audrey is engaged in the pelvis. I am not too concerned about being 1cm at 30weeks because I was 1cm for a long time with Hunter (starting at about 26weeks) and we held out until 35 weeks with him. BUT my cervix is a lot thinner than it was with Hunter or Madison and Audrey is already engaged which is my main concern. She is putting pressure on my weak cervix so even though my contractions are staying under control the pressure she is putting on it can cause changes. All the more reason bed rest is important right now.

My OB and I both still feel confident we will hit the 32 week milestone though. I go back to her at 32w3d and she will likely check it again to see what is happening. I see the high risk OB next week to check fluid levels and get a cervix measurement/baby measurement via ultrasound. As I've said before there is physically nothing more we can do to keep the cervix from changing beyond what we are already doing so we are truly just at a watch and wait stage right now.

Audrey is growing well and has a round of steroids in her so I am confident that should she come before 35 weeks she should be fine and just need some growing time in the NICU. If we are able to make it to 34/35 weeks she may not need a NICU stay at all. I am still praying for 35 weeks but am grateful for every day she stays put!


heather said...

So fun!!! Glad you're being taken care of!

Brittnie said...

Sad to miss your surprise shower! Last Friday was our 5 year anniversary and Brandon surprised me with an out of town trip. Glad you enjoyed it! :) Hang in there!

Amanda Walker said...

I wish I could have made it to your shower. I ended up spending some much needed time with Andrew. He so busy with busy season right now, that we don't get to see each other a lot. Please let me know if you need a meal or anything. Praying for you and sweet Audrey.

Rachel & Larry said...

Hooray for 30 weeks! Praying for 34 =)

Kia said...

Wonderful friends are truly a blessing!!! I've been praying for you and Audrey, praying for 34/35 weeks!! Thinking of you girl!!