Tuesday, January 31, 2012

28 weeks!

We made it! Goal number two...28 weeks. 28w3d to be exact! Of course we are praying for MUCH longer but we are celebrating each day of answered prayer and each milestone God brings us through. I am so confident we will make it much further but don't want to forget to Praise God for each day of answered prayer.

Just a little update. We saw both doctors this week, it was just the way the appointments fell. I saw the high risk OB yesterday for my cervix check. My cervix is still shortening, it's down to 1.9 cm and Audrey's head is sitting right on it. The fact that she is resting right on it and it still has over a 1 cm remaining is a good thing in my mind! Audrey weighs about 2 pounds 11 ounces now and is measuring right where she should be in growth. Her head however is 2 weeks ahead of the rest of her body, but that's pretty much the way these "Black Babies" are. Large heads run in both sides of the family and compared to Hunter's hers is still tiny :). My perinatologist said she was thrilled my cervix held up to 28 weeks (plus a round of steroids) and at this point with the bed rest and contraction medicines there isn't a whole lot more we can do for the cervix to keep it from changing anymore. She did add another contraction medicine to the routine (albuterol) just to help keep them away. So far the progesterone and nifedipine have done a decent job but I am on the max dose of nifedipine and my contractions are breaking thru the meds before I can take another dose so hopefully adding another one in will help keep them away. Not that contractions every now and then are bad but considering my cervix is barely hanging on and we would like to squeeze another 7-12 weeks out we don't really want to risk it changing my cervix! I am going back in 3 weeks for a fluid level check because my levels were a little low this time, nothing too concerning but she just wants to make sure it was a normal fluctuation and not something she is catching on the way down. Other than that we are pretty much done watching the cervix because there isn't anything more we can do at this point.

My regular OB appointment was great! She is always so encouraging and uplifting. She always helps give me confidence that we will be just fine when I see her. I joke that I should always make sure to set up my appointments so that I can see her right after my high risk OB because they are total opposites. I always leave my high risk appointments feeling like a failure or like I am barely hanging on and that I should be doing more to prevent this situation and my regular OB is so upbeat and positive and feels like I do...that this is just me and the cards I've been dealt and while we may have drama the whole pregnancy we always make it in the end. I feel like having that kind of attitude helps me so much more especially when on bed rest! I am already feeling like I am doing everything I can so a little encouragement is always good.

I just finished week 5 of bed rest and it is going by so much faster than it did with Hunter. I think maybe because I have 2 kids to keep me entertained this time around! The next goal of 32 weeks is fast approaching. I feel very confident we will make it and I am praying for 35 weeks!

I got to take a peak at Audrey in 3D/4D at my appointment. It was very brief but I saw just long enough to see that she looked exactly like Madison. The doctor snapped a quick picture which is hard to make out, but in live motion there was no doubt that it was Madison's little sister in there. So cool.

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Sarah W. said...

I am glad you're hanging in there (and Audrey is too)! We are continuing to pray she cooks awhile longer!!

You have such a great attitude...I sometimes forget you're on bedrest because you don't complain ever!!

Believing you'll go a lot longer!!