Friday, February 3, 2012

21 months old

Madison is 21 months old today. My baby girl is not a baby anymore. She is so independent and wants to be so big. Having Hunter to watch definitely increases her desire for independence too. Jordan and I were just talking last night about how completely different she and Hunter are. When we pray for them at night our prayers for each of them are so different in many ways and we ask God to give us the wisdom and discernment to know how to raise them both in a way that will bring out the best in each of them. I am amazed each day at what a blessing they are in our lives and how much they have changed our lives for the better.

Madison is our little firecracker. She is afraid of nothing. She is the one we have to really really watch. I often wonder if it's something she was born with or a birth order thing because it is definitely intensified to have an older brother demonstrating things that are way too advanced for her age, yet she tries them anyway. She is one that has to learn by trial and error. Hunter is the exact opposite. So far he is our cautious child. Madison only knows one speed....WIDE OPEN. She sprints everywhere, jumps with full body leaps, she 100% commits to every decision she makes (physically) even if it's not the best idea in the world. If she falls and gets hurt she picks herself up, dusts off and tries again. Sometimes she will come over for a quick hug and a kiss on the injured appendage....why it always seems to be the foot I do not know but I do know I have to kiss her foot at least once a day.

She still loves a lot of the same things. Shoes, dress up, baby dolls, jewelry and Hunter are at the top of her list. Because she loves her brother so much she is often found playing with cars, trains and rolling around in the mud or dirt just to get laughs.

She loves to feed her baby
and play dress up while feeding her baby
She still loves to try on shoes
and play with Hunter's cars when he's not looking
She loves to play on our bed with me while I am on bed rest
She's not too happy when I don't share my phone with her
(this is her attempt at a pitiful face)
She eats the best when she thinks she is stealing someone elses food
If you start an apple you WILL have to share it with Madison so you might as well surrender it the moment she catches you eating it.
Daddy's breakfast is always way better than her own
She hates to miss out. She wants to be right in the middle of whatever is going on.

If Hunter is getting snuggles Maddie jumps on top to get hers in too.
She is still very easy going personality wise. She isn't overly emotional, she isn't overly loud or expressive. She is more like the stealthy, ninja child that wonders off and gets into the worst situations possible but somehow manages to get out of them unscathed or only mildly scathed. She's funny, quirky, full of laughter and smiles and LOVES LOVES LOVES her brother. She does a decent job of keeping up with him too considering the age difference.

They are at a really fun age right now. They play together really well but it all depends on the mood Hunter is in as to wether or not they are BFF or ripping each others heads off. Madison would be happy to be with Hunter 24.7 doing exactly as he does and having tons of fun doing it. Hunter does a great job of including her and playing with her but sometimes he is just in the mood to pester and those times are the frustrating ones!

Hunter's little side kick

Madison and Hunter watch a cartoon with me every morning when they first wake up. That way we get lots of snuggles in before the day begins. Madison really likes Hunter's attention so if he is too busy watching TV or looking at the Ipad she tries really really hard to get his attention.

Here she is standing right between him and the TV.
She really wants him to look at her

She just loves him so much and loves giving hugs
Hunter is conceding and giving her a hug because it means he can see the TV better now

Eventually he just gets up and moves so he can get a better view. Poor guy it's hard being so well liked.
Madison's transition to the big bed was uneventful. She has been there a little over a week now and it hasn't made one bit of difference in her routine. In fact she's no longer trying to climb out of the crib so I guess there is improvement! She has yet to get out of bed or even try to. She still naps for 2-3 hours and sleep 12 hours at night. This morning she got a little crazy I guess and rolled out of bed. Because I heard a thump followed by a scream/cry at about 4am. Her big heavy pillow that we put on either side of her was off the bed so I guess she was an active sleeper last night and rolled right off! She went right back to bed easily though and slept in till her normal time at 7am. She really loves her bed. When we tell her it's time to go to bed she says BIG BED!!!! and she runs upstairs to get in it.

She loves that she gets to sit in her own bed for story time now with daddy. She says "book book book" when they get up to the room. Daddy reads a bible story, tucks her in and says the Lord's prayer with her and then she is out within minutes of him shutting the door. Doesn't get much easier!
I love watching this on the monitor. Priceless moments.

This is kind of a long video but one of my favorite things to do is go back and watch old videos of when the kids were younger. It's hard to see how much they grow up right before your eyes until you take a peek back into the past. Madison is still in that early talker stage where some of the words she uses or the way she pronounces them are just so cute and so unique. I remember when Hunter was this age thinking he would always say the words that way and one day I realized he didn't do it anymore. I was so glad I caught them on film so I could always remember that sweet precious voice saying those new words and how quirky each one was. I took this video today and tried to think of a lot of the words Madison says on a daily basis so I could capture them. I know 6 months from now she will say things completely different and I don't want to forget!

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