Friday, January 27, 2012

Madison the Ninja Baby

I was startled awake this morning at 7:00am buy a 20 month old baby girl named Madison giggling and LUNGING on top of me in MY bed. I sat up quickly, thinking I had overslept, but I saw the clock and looked around and began to panic thinking HOW DID THIS CHILD JUST GET IN OUR ROOM?! I went out into the house calling our babysitter, thinking maybe she had come over early and gotten Madison up but NO...there was no sign of her anywhere. I suddenly began to put the pieces together. Madison had not only managed to climb out of her crib in COMPLETE SILENCE, but she opened her bedroom door (which she has never been able to do), climbed down the wooden staircase in the pitch dark, and in footed PJ's no less, and then opened OUR door....ALL without making a PEEP on the monitor. Stealth baby.

So this morning was spent moving the kids rooms...Hunter into the 2nd master (the big guest room), Madison into Hunter's old room, and saving the nursery for Audrey. I wasn't planning on trying Madison in her queen bed until bedtime tonight because naps are notoriously a harder transition than night time. So we put her down for her nap this afternoon in the crib (for one last time) and again she climbed out and opened her door before Jordan even made it back downstairs...I wish I could have gotten it on camera. She's got SKILLS. So we tried the queen for nap time today and she didn't put up a fight! She is sleeping peacefully in her new bed. They grow up WAY too fast.

This is a transition we have been putting off since she first climbed out at 17 months. I was planning to do it after Christmas but bed rest slowed that down. We knew we wanted to do it before Audrey came but Madison seemed fine in her crib even though she had climbed/fallen out a few months before so I was going to just put it off until I could be up on my feet again and help with the transition. Apparently Madison had plans of her own today! Thankfully she is doing well so far. Fingers crossed for tonight!

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Ashley Locke said...

She IS a ninja baby!! Wowzers!! She's going to be fantastic at sneaking out her window in her teenage years!! ;)