Saturday, January 7, 2012

20 months old

Little miss independent. She is 20 months going on 4 years old. No really. She thinks she is 4. This month she has literally grown up before my eyes. It happened gradually over the course of the month but then when I came home from the hospital, after only being away from her for 30 hours, her language was suddenly conversational. She thinks she and Hunter are the same age. She does everything he does. Literally. Carbon copy. If he jumps off the stairs, she does it. If he jumps off the bed...she does it. She repeats everything he says and we say like a parrot. She is a total ham and she has so much spunk and personality. She cracks us up everyday. She is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously her cuteness factor is through the roof right now. I could watch her for hours.

She decided she wants to eat cereal the real way with milk and a spoon. She also wants to eat daddy's cereal...Ezekiel. What kids wants to eat Ezekiel cereal?! She can also drink out of a big girl cup (only allowed at the table).

This is the face we get when she knows we are taking her picture "cheese"

She wants to be nude 24.7 so she can potty on her little potty whenever she wants. I do make her wear clothes for outings. She can put on her own pants, socks and shoes and of course completely undress herself which is how she ends up naked every day.

She is always doing things that crack us up. She came to dinner the other night wearing a medical glove as a sock. I realized it halfway through dinner.
Things must look really funny through my reading glasses because she cracks herself up when she puts them on. Such a goofball.

She can climb out of her crib. We were planning to make the switch to the queen bed this week but bed rest has prevented us from doing it right now. We still have a little time before Audrey needs the crib. She only tries to climb out when we go get her up from naps. She just throws her long leg up on the side and lifts herself over (and yes it's already set as low as it will go). She is a total monkey. I have a feeling she is going to be our athlete she has NO FEAR and is extremely comfortable with her body in space.

I discovered her two front teeth were cracked the other day. I am sure a result of one of her fearless antics. I have NO clue when this happened but it obviously didn't phase her.

She loves dress up and jewelry and purses and shoes....she is obsessed with shoes.

She has no fear of the water. LOVES it.
And she gives THE BEST hugs. She loves to come up to me and grab my legs and peer over my belly asking to be picked up. I haven't been allowed to pick her up for quite some time but I can hold her while sitting or laying down. She just lays her head on my shoulder and squeezes her arms so tight around my shoulders and she says "ohhhh" the whole time. I CANNOT get enough of my Maddie hugs.
She loves to point out the body parts and do animal noises and when we sing our ABC's she joins in. Sometimes she will start the song by herself...she gets to A, B, C, D and then looks at us for help. She loves to say her prayers and at dinner when Hunter prays she bows her head and folds her hand and then tries to line up her "AMEN" with his. If we ask her to say a prayer she bows her head and whispers for a few seconds and then says AMEN! So absolutely adorable. LOVE this girl to pieces!

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