Tuesday, January 31, 2012

28 weeks!

We made it! Goal number two...28 weeks. 28w3d to be exact! Of course we are praying for MUCH longer but we are celebrating each day of answered prayer and each milestone God brings us through. I am so confident we will make it much further but don't want to forget to Praise God for each day of answered prayer.

Just a little update. We saw both doctors this week, it was just the way the appointments fell. I saw the high risk OB yesterday for my cervix check. My cervix is still shortening, it's down to 1.9 cm and Audrey's head is sitting right on it. The fact that she is resting right on it and it still has over a 1 cm remaining is a good thing in my mind! Audrey weighs about 2 pounds 11 ounces now and is measuring right where she should be in growth. Her head however is 2 weeks ahead of the rest of her body, but that's pretty much the way these "Black Babies" are. Large heads run in both sides of the family and compared to Hunter's hers is still tiny :). My perinatologist said she was thrilled my cervix held up to 28 weeks (plus a round of steroids) and at this point with the bed rest and contraction medicines there isn't a whole lot more we can do for the cervix to keep it from changing anymore. She did add another contraction medicine to the routine (albuterol) just to help keep them away. So far the progesterone and nifedipine have done a decent job but I am on the max dose of nifedipine and my contractions are breaking thru the meds before I can take another dose so hopefully adding another one in will help keep them away. Not that contractions every now and then are bad but considering my cervix is barely hanging on and we would like to squeeze another 7-12 weeks out we don't really want to risk it changing my cervix! I am going back in 3 weeks for a fluid level check because my levels were a little low this time, nothing too concerning but she just wants to make sure it was a normal fluctuation and not something she is catching on the way down. Other than that we are pretty much done watching the cervix because there isn't anything more we can do at this point.

My regular OB appointment was great! She is always so encouraging and uplifting. She always helps give me confidence that we will be just fine when I see her. I joke that I should always make sure to set up my appointments so that I can see her right after my high risk OB because they are total opposites. I always leave my high risk appointments feeling like a failure or like I am barely hanging on and that I should be doing more to prevent this situation and my regular OB is so upbeat and positive and feels like I do...that this is just me and the cards I've been dealt and while we may have drama the whole pregnancy we always make it in the end. I feel like having that kind of attitude helps me so much more especially when on bed rest! I am already feeling like I am doing everything I can so a little encouragement is always good.

I just finished week 5 of bed rest and it is going by so much faster than it did with Hunter. I think maybe because I have 2 kids to keep me entertained this time around! The next goal of 32 weeks is fast approaching. I feel very confident we will make it and I am praying for 35 weeks!

I got to take a peak at Audrey in 3D/4D at my appointment. It was very brief but I saw just long enough to see that she looked exactly like Madison. The doctor snapped a quick picture which is hard to make out, but in live motion there was no doubt that it was Madison's little sister in there. So cool.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to THE Man

Be still my heart

Today is Jordan's 32nd birthday. To say I am blessed is an understatement! I saw something on Pinterest a while back that expressed my thoughts exactly. It was from a bride, on her wedding day, to her future mother-in-law. It was a sweet note that said "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams".

Happy Birthday to the best husband and father a girl could ask for.

We had the Tonick's over last night to help celebrate Jordan's birthday

We had sushi from our favorite place and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. The kids loved the balloons, cake and party hats the most. Jordan was nice enough to let them blow out his candles :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Madison the Ninja Baby

I was startled awake this morning at 7:00am buy a 20 month old baby girl named Madison giggling and LUNGING on top of me in MY bed. I sat up quickly, thinking I had overslept, but I saw the clock and looked around and began to panic thinking HOW DID THIS CHILD JUST GET IN OUR ROOM?! I went out into the house calling our babysitter, thinking maybe she had come over early and gotten Madison up but NO...there was no sign of her anywhere. I suddenly began to put the pieces together. Madison had not only managed to climb out of her crib in COMPLETE SILENCE, but she opened her bedroom door (which she has never been able to do), climbed down the wooden staircase in the pitch dark, and in footed PJ's no less, and then opened OUR door....ALL without making a PEEP on the monitor. Stealth baby.

So this morning was spent moving the kids rooms...Hunter into the 2nd master (the big guest room), Madison into Hunter's old room, and saving the nursery for Audrey. I wasn't planning on trying Madison in her queen bed until bedtime tonight because naps are notoriously a harder transition than night time. So we put her down for her nap this afternoon in the crib (for one last time) and again she climbed out and opened her door before Jordan even made it back downstairs...I wish I could have gotten it on camera. She's got SKILLS. So we tried the queen for nap time today and she didn't put up a fight! She is sleeping peacefully in her new bed. They grow up WAY too fast.

This is a transition we have been putting off since she first climbed out at 17 months. I was planning to do it after Christmas but bed rest slowed that down. We knew we wanted to do it before Audrey came but Madison seemed fine in her crib even though she had climbed/fallen out a few months before so I was going to just put it off until I could be up on my feet again and help with the transition. Apparently Madison had plans of her own today! Thankfully she is doing well so far. Fingers crossed for tonight!

Monday, January 23, 2012


This past weekend Jordan and Robbie had big plans to go duck hunting. It's something they have been wanting to do for a while now. In order to make this possible we had to bring in some reinforcements to help out with the kids. Amber and the kids came down to help out and Vivian came down to cook up a bunch of meals to stock our freezer. We had a great weekend and a full house...which is my kind of weekend! Thanks so much to Vivi for all the yummy meals she prepared and to Amber for taking care of all the kids so the boys could have some fun!

Kaitlyn had fun dressing up in Hunter and Madison's clothes

Jordan and Hailey
Hunter and Maddie soaked up snuggles with Vivi

Robbie and Maddie
Robbie and Hailey
Hunter and Kaitlyn play really well together. They found new place to sleep...in the empty linen closet. Pretty creative!
The guys had a very successful weekend duck hunting too!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No news is good news

I had a good appointment with the perinatologist today. Good in that nothing has changed. I am still on bed rest and my cervix is still short (2.2 cm) but it has held steady in the same spot for the past 2 weeks. In short, it seems bed rest is doing the trick. Also, I passed the gestational diabetes screen from my appointment last week, which is always good to hear. We are 26w3d pregnant and holding steady. Praise God!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Aunt Beekah

Rebekah came down this past weekend to give Jordan a break and help out with me and the kids

This is random but they took a rare nap together and it was too cute not to capture. 

The kids always love having her here

Saturday, January 7, 2012

20 months old

Little miss independent. She is 20 months going on 4 years old. No really. She thinks she is 4. This month she has literally grown up before my eyes. It happened gradually over the course of the month but then when I came home from the hospital, after only being away from her for 30 hours, her language was suddenly conversational. She thinks she and Hunter are the same age. She does everything he does. Literally. Carbon copy. If he jumps off the stairs, she does it. If he jumps off the bed...she does it. She repeats everything he says and we say like a parrot. She is a total ham and she has so much spunk and personality. She cracks us up everyday. She is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously her cuteness factor is through the roof right now. I could watch her for hours.

She decided she wants to eat cereal the real way with milk and a spoon. She also wants to eat daddy's cereal...Ezekiel. What kids wants to eat Ezekiel cereal?! She can also drink out of a big girl cup (only allowed at the table).

This is the face we get when she knows we are taking her picture "cheese"

She wants to be nude 24.7 so she can potty on her little potty whenever she wants. I do make her wear clothes for outings. She can put on her own pants, socks and shoes and of course completely undress herself which is how she ends up naked every day.

She is always doing things that crack us up. She came to dinner the other night wearing a medical glove as a sock. I realized it halfway through dinner.
Things must look really funny through my reading glasses because she cracks herself up when she puts them on. Such a goofball.

She can climb out of her crib. We were planning to make the switch to the queen bed this week but bed rest has prevented us from doing it right now. We still have a little time before Audrey needs the crib. She only tries to climb out when we go get her up from naps. She just throws her long leg up on the side and lifts herself over (and yes it's already set as low as it will go). She is a total monkey. I have a feeling she is going to be our athlete she has NO FEAR and is extremely comfortable with her body in space.

I discovered her two front teeth were cracked the other day. I am sure a result of one of her fearless antics. I have NO clue when this happened but it obviously didn't phase her.

She loves dress up and jewelry and purses and shoes....she is obsessed with shoes.

She has no fear of the water. LOVES it.
And she gives THE BEST hugs. She loves to come up to me and grab my legs and peer over my belly asking to be picked up. I haven't been allowed to pick her up for quite some time but I can hold her while sitting or laying down. She just lays her head on my shoulder and squeezes her arms so tight around my shoulders and she says "ohhhh" the whole time. I CANNOT get enough of my Maddie hugs.
She loves to point out the body parts and do animal noises and when we sing our ABC's she joins in. Sometimes she will start the song by herself...she gets to A, B, C, D and then looks at us for help. She loves to say her prayers and at dinner when Hunter prays she bows her head and folds her hand and then tries to line up her "AMEN" with his. If we ask her to say a prayer she bows her head and whispers for a few seconds and then says AMEN! So absolutely adorable. LOVE this girl to pieces!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a little update

Just a little update so as not to leave it hanging. I had another cervix recheck today and it wasn't so good. It's continuing to weaken and shorten. Now down to 2.2cm and still funneling. The perinatologist wasn't too thrilled with the changes especially since I've been on bed rest and had an uneventful week contraction wise. I think we had all hoped that it would chill out and hold stable. She decided to also manually check it and it was still closed but softening...so it is actively changing. SO basically that means I am likely down for the count. She was feeling confident that I could make it at least another 4 weeks (which would get us to 28 weeks) given that I am not really having preterm labor right now and am showing no signs threatening immediate delivery. If I continue to move in the direction and speed I am then we could be looking at a 28 weeker but we are PRAYING to make it much much longer than that. Prayers would definitely be appreciated. I am still feeling confident that we will make it to a further point but admittedly disappointed that things are still changing in a less than desirable direction. BUT all that being said I have SO much to be thankful for. I am in much better shape now than I was a week ago. Audrey is viable, has a round of steroids in her, and is 100% healthy. I have a great support system AND I am 24 weeks and STILL pregnant. Every day counts. Praise God.

P.S. I also found out today that the little stinker is a thumb sucker. She was going after it today during the ultrasound...same hand as her big sis :) it was pretty cute though I will admit!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Interview with Hunter

Just for fun an interview with Hunter at 3 years 10 months old.

What is something Mommy always says to you? Letters

What makes Mommy happy? Hunter

What makes Mommy sad?Maddie

How does Mommy make you laugh?
 she tickles me

What was Mommy like as a child?
 you looked like Maddie

How old is Mommy? 

How tall is Mommy?
 This tall (points to the paper). Mommy you’re taller than daddy.

What is Mommy's favorite thing to do?
 You like to go to the park

What does Mommy do when you're not around? You look for me

If Mommy becomes famous, what will it be for? 

What is Mommy really good at?
 You’re good at scratching. It is fun when you tickle me and then it makes you laugh.

What is Mommy not very good at?
 You’re afraid of owls and frogs.

What does Mommy do for her job? Cleaning up.

What is Mommy's favorite food? Apples I mean green beans.

What makes you proud of Mommy?
 fun stuff

If Mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?

What do you and Mommy do together? Go to the park and get a ice cream and go to the doctor.

How are you and Mommy the same? I don’t know you’re the same of Maddie.

How are you and Mommy different? 
I am like daddy

How do you know Mommy loves you?
 I keep my underwear clean and dry and it makes you so happy

Where is Mommy's favorite place to go? 
at the store

What is something Daddy always says to you? 
he says I can play the ipad

What makes Daddy happy? 
when he sleeps on his bed and when I poop on the potty

What makes Daddy sad?

How does Daddy make you laugh?
 he tickles me and then he laughs. Me and daddy laugh when daddy tickles me it was funny.

What was Daddy like as a child? he’s like pop and papa but daddy has hair

How old is Daddy? 78

How tall is Daddy? 
this big (stands on the bed with his hand reaching the ceiling).

What is Daddy's favorite thing to do? fun stuff like park, water park, playroom, go in the bedroom and sleep

What does Daddy do when you're not around? he says prayers and hunts deer and plays angry birds

If Daddy becomes famous, what will it be for?

What is Daddy really good at? he’s not scared of owls.

What is Daddy not very good at?
 giving me spankings

What does Daddy do for his job?
 he builds things

What is Daddy’s favorite food?
 cheese and chips he loves it

What makes you proud of Daddy? he makes me poop on the potty and it makes me so happy when I poo poo on the potty.

If Daddy were a cartoon character, who would he be? 
a cartoon that has the remote, because he poo poos on the potty and gets his phone, and he has hair on his arms

What do you and Daddy do together?
 go to the park and build houses and dirt with the bulldozer.

How are you and Daddy the same?
 Daddy is the same of me

How are you and Daddy different?
 I am different because I don’t have any hair on my cheeks and my chin only daddy does.

How do you know Daddy loves you?
 when he gives me a hug like Maddie does.

Where is Daddy's favorite place to go? 
get gas and look at Christmas lights.