Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow days

We finally got some decent snow gear and the kids went to TOWN. Sledding, snowmen, snow angles they loved it all. They were all bundled up and ready to play! They spent hours outside for a few days just soaking it up. 

We built a snowman

 Then daddy helped them build another one

They came inside for a little bit to warm up and play on their new plasma cars
 Audrey and I hung out in the warm house by the fire most of the time while daddy took them sledding on hills.

I am so glad we got this snow before we head back to Texas! What a fun experience for them!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It snowed today! We are going to have a white Christmas! Something I really hoped would happen for the kids sake since they may never have it again (living in Houston). They were BEYOND excited to get out in it but we did not have the proper gear (again being from Houston) so they were freezing and WET! 

This was Madison's first snow. Hunter experienced his first snow as a baby and then a handful of times since.

Our view from the back deck. The kids watched the snow fall with SUCH excitement from this window.

They wanted to build a snowman but their gloves weren't waterproof and there wasn't quite enough snow yet so we did the best we could. 

Audrey's first snow and first Christmas! Big week for her :)

Daddy and Maddie in their Santa hats that Duke brought this morning. The kids had Christmas Pj's again this year, which we usually open Christmas Eve, but since they wore them for the Christmas card pictures that we did in November they just opened them a month early.

3 cutie patooties excited to go to bed so Santa can come!

Santa came. Hunter and Madison mostly got 2 big gifts (plasma cars and balance bikes). The wrapped presents were much smaller (more like stocking stuffers) except for Madison's baby alive doll and Hunter's spiderman, but I like to wrap everything so they have lots of unwrapping to do! That's the most fun!

Audrey's little pile. Of course at her age (8mo) she will have the most fun playing in the boxes and wrapping paper. 

All snuggled in bed. This is so precious I could just eat her up!

Duke the Elf

Santa sent one of his elves to hang out with us for the month of December. The kids decided to name him Duke. He was quite entertaining. They LOVED to wake up each morning and go find where he was hiding. As Christmas got closer he started surprising them with little gifts he would bring back from the North pole. 

The first day he brought them whoopie cushions which they thought were HILARIOUS

He also brought them some stamps which they enjoyed doing until the ink ran out :)

Some nights while they slept he would get into stuff or do silly things. They loved it when they found him doing funny things the next morning.

I was especially appreciative that he brought them their own headphones for when they get ipad time and also for when we travel!

This was one of their favorites. We had made this gingerbread house the day before. During the night I guess he wanted to have some decorating fun too but he spilled the sprinkles everywhere. They thought it was HILARIOUS.

This morning (Christmas Eve) was Duke's last day with us. He went big and decorated the chandelier and brought Santa hats for everyone to wear on Christmas and he brought lots of goodies on the table. The kids said goodbye to him until next December. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tia Dre

Tia Dre came in town this past weekend while Jordan and the team were in Cleveland. She had not met Audrey yet and the rest of us hadn't seen her in almost a year so I was SO excited to see her again! She brought the kids cute clothes, as usual, and they LOVED having her here. We made a gingerbread house with the kids and hung out at the house most of the weekend and just played.

Saturday morning Dre and I did a segway tour of the monuments down in DC. It was my 3rd tour but the best one yet! We had a lot of fun.

We loved having Dre here to spend time with us especially while Jordan was traveling. It's always good to see Dre and it helps that the kids adore her too!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Christmas Card

Keepin' it real

Maddie Moo

You are soooo 2. 
You are pretty much too cute for words right now. 

You got a hair trim the other day and acted like such a big girl

You LOVE your are pretty much obsessed with him. On his day off (Tuesday) he always takes you and Hunter to do something fun, usually fishing. The other day you woke up, on a Tuesday, and I was trying to let daddy sleep in a little. You saw his truck outside Hunter's window and said "OH daddy is home today, we go fishin'!!" and you ran downstairs and started putting your jacket, gloves, hat and shoes on. Daddy came stumbling down half asleep for breakfast a few minutes later and you ran up to him and grabbed him and said "let's go daddy! Let's go fishin'!"

It ended up being too cold for fishin' that day so he took y'all to pump it up instead

 You love to jump all over daddy and wrestle in the basement too

You also wear socks or gloves on your hands all day everyday, which I don't have a picture of.  

You are just so precious!

Hunter and his Florida toys

Hunter has always loved crafts. He is so much like Jordan in that regard. Lately he has been wanting to make Christmas cards for everyone. So if you get a random home-made card in the mail from Hunter you are one of the lucky ones!

Yesterday he was drawing a picture and I asked what it was. He told me...

"it's an 18 wheeler that has lots of boxes with all my Florida toys in them" (wishful thinking?!)

He was 2 the last time he saw his "florida" toys. They are still in storage... in our PODS... in Houston.

When we move back to Texas in a few weeks we plan to unload our PODS completely. It will feel like Christmas all over again!