Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend with Sara and Jax

Sara and Jax came in town for the weekend last weekend while the boys (Matt and Jordan) went duck hunting in Arkansas. I was originally suppose to go to Nashville with the kids to see all my Nashville girlfriends. but my doctor has put me on no travel orders. I was going to have to stay home alone but it worked out that Sara and Jax were able to come here! It really was perfect timing because she is approaching the end of her pregnancy in just 8 weeks so her ability to travel is coming to a fast close too!

Hunter loves decorating cookies

and eating them
The kids had fun doing movie night but the popcorn and candy was by far the highlight
craft time
Pillow fight!
Playing at the park

We had a great weekend together although it definitely was not dull! We had a plumbing emergency (that lasted 3 days), 3 showings (well actually only 1/3 came but that's a long story and not the point because we still had to get the house ready 3 different times) and she and I took turns having bouts of contractions all weekend...perhaps from taking care of 3 kids under 3 while pregnant and dealing with house showings and plumbing issues?! Either way we had a wonderful time and enjoyed our kids getting to play together again. We got out of the house every day for a showing and let the kids play, we stayed in at night and cooked and had movie nights with popcorn and candy, and we did two craft projects with the decorating gingerbread cookies and the other is a gift for grandparents so I won't go into that one. We are so glad they made the trip! We may not see them again until next summer/fall when Sara and I feel up to traveling again with our newest additions.

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