Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tia Dre

Tia Dre came for a visit back in October and I realized the other day that I had not blogged about our weekend! Jordan went out of town for a hunting trip and I was still in the very tired stage of pregnancy so my mom was going to come down and help me with the kids while he was gone. It worked out that Dre was free that weekend and wanted to come for a visit instead!

The kids adore Dre she is always so good with them. Hunter enjoyed the extra attention and doing crafts with her.

We had a very relaxing weekend and took them out on a few out of the house outings.
It was so nice to get to spend the weekend with Dre! What was really neat is a few days ago (almost 2 months after the weekend with her) Hunter sat down for craft time and turned to me and said I am going to make this for Tia Dre mommy ok? Does it look pretty? I went over to look and he had drawn her a picture of a Christmas tree and put "I love you- Hunter" on it. So adorable! He loves his Tia Dre.

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