Saturday, December 31, 2011

Home and Viable!

I'm home! yippee! I am on strict bed rest but bed rest at home beats bed rest in the hospital ANYDAY! The doctor released me last night after my second dose of steroids. I was released early for good behavior :) I had zero contractions in the hospital and since my cervix had been checked upon admission she felt she didn't need to re-check it before discharging me because I had such an uneventful time while I was there contraction wise. I am on tocolytics round the clock to prevent contractions and I think increasing the dosage was just what I needed to keep them under control. Of course should anything change I should head in but I am being seen weekly for cervix measurements, as it is, between my high risk OB and my regular OB.

It is so good to be here in the comfort of my own home with my husband and kids who I missed terribly! Hopefully this will be the end of the drama of this pregnancy :) For now we can rejoice because today I hit viability! AND since the baby has a round of steroids should something go wrong she is MUCH better off then she would have been. Praise God!

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