Saturday, December 3, 2011

19 months old

Madison is 19 months old! My baby girl is not a baby anymore. I find myself just watching her walk around doing her thing because it boggles my mind just how fast they grow up. She has such a sweet personality, gives THE BEST hugs, has such a contagious laugh and is the toughest toddler I know!

She is very much a daddy's girl. She loves to be near him all the time and gives him lots of hugs.
One of her favorite things right now is putting on clothes (and taking them off). She has on quite a lot in this picture, though hard to tell because of the robe, but this will keep her entertained for quite a long time.
We took her to her first movie this month. She wasn't familiar with the characters at all (happy feet 2) so after about 15 minutes she was just a distraction to everyone else. It's good thing we went to a theatre by the mall so I was able to just hit some stores with her while everyone else finished the movie. Had it been a Mickey Mouse movie she would have sat still for 2 hours glued to the screen.
She and Hunter love each other. I find them holding hands in the car all the time. He is really sweet with her (most of the time) and she wants to do everything he does.
She and Hunter are in swimming lessons together every week. The first few times she went she wasn't very good at sitting on the wall while Hunter had his turn but now she does well and LOVES when it's her turn.

Here they are waiting for their turn to go to the pool
She loves to swing at the park

She loves craft time but not as much as her brother does
He would stay here all day. This boy loves crafts
Madison is such a joy to have around. She is going to be such a good big sister. She LOVES taking care of her dolls. She loves anything girly: jewelry, makeup, dressup, and SHOES...she LOVES shoes. But she also loves to play outside and get dirty. She loves to try to keep up with big brother. Jumping off things is her favorite activity right now. She goes up and down the stairs independently now and when she gets to the last step she jumps off just like her brother. She will tackle and rough house and tickle. She loves to give hugs but she's not a big snuggler like her brother. She only stays a few seconds and then she is off playing again.

I posted a video below of the kids playing with daddy. He took them outside to play one afternoon so I could finish up dinner prep. I heard an awful lot of screaming and laughing so I had to go out to see what was going on. Jordan hooked some fishing line onto their roller coaster and took turns reeling them down the driveway. What a fun daddy :)

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