Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving week in Dallas

We spent 10 days in Dallas over the Thanksgiving break. We started off staying at my parents house and then we went over to Dwayne and Vivian's house for the second half. The first Saturday we were there we went to Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday party. The Niswangers were in town again so we got to spend time with them all again!

Patricia and Emory (3.5)
Amber and Hailey (almost 11 months)
Rudy and John Carter (19 months)
Birthday girl Kaitlyn (3) behind the wheel and Madison (18m) and Ava Grace (19m) watching behind
Hunter parked himself at the air hockey table most of the time we were there.
We had fun hanging out with the family all week
Madison loves her daddy
so cute
and her aunt Beekah

and her jewelry

We had a great turnout at Thanksgiving. Not everyone is pictured here. Dwayne and Vivian also came over (they took the picture) and Meagan and Jimmy had already left for his family's get-together. It was SO GOOD to see everyone!
Madison and Brody had a reunion. The last time they saw each other was a year ago!

Cal, Phillip and Jordan tossed around the football after lunch
Uncle Jim and Meme
The adults had fun playing games while the kids napped
After naps the kids took turns taking rides from uncle bud in his suitcase

Papa and Vivi bought the kids Santa hats so they could take pictures of them in their sleigh

We all went to Benihana for Beekah's birthday
Madison licked her plate clean
Hunter was mesmerized
Beekah let Hunter help open her present

Madison gives the BEST hugs. She loves her Pop
Madison and Chloe had fun grocery shopping in their tutu's
Hunter always manages to find the good scratchers in the family

Jordan found the perfect size tea set for a tea party :)
The kids had fun playing with Papa

One morning Hunter announced it was time to put up the Christmas tree! Thankfully Vivi agreed. They all had fun putting up the tree together.

We left early Sunday morning to head back to Houston. Jordan stayed back in Abilene to get in a quick deer hunt. Overall it was such a good week!

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