Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a...

We are so excited to find out we are having another baby girl! I had a surprise ultrasound at my OB appointment this afternoon. Jordan didn't come with me because I assumed it would be a boring normal appointment so it was just easier to have him stay home with the kids. There is always the chance that I will have an ultrasound just because of my history but I wasn't sure if it would happen today. Well baby girl was ready to be seen! She made it known! I was so excited to find out but I felt bad that Jordan couldn't be there with me so I thought I would do something special for him and the kids...a way that would be fun for them to find out. SOOO this picture is the moment they found out! Just before they opened it I asked Hunter what he thought it was and he said boy (he had recently said girl). Jordan and I had both predicted girl from the moment we found out we were pregnant and he hadn't changed his mind. We are all excited!

I am 16 weeks (and some change) and feeling pretty good! My contractions have slowed way down since I started taking magnesium again. I found out this summer that I was deficient in Magnesium and was low in Progesterone both of which can cause contractions, which may be a contributing factor to all of the issues I've had with each pregnancy. I took my normal prenatal vitamin in the first trimester and as soon as hit the second tri Jordan reminded me about the magnesium so I started taking it again and the contractions slowed way down. I also started the 17-P injections this week. The nurse came to the house today to "train" Jordan on how to give me the weekly shots and then he will take over for the remainder of the pregnancy. Our insurance covers the weekly nurse visit at 100% but it is kind of inconvenient to have to wait around every Monday for the nurse to come and it's hard on the kids to have to stay away from mommy while I go through the full checkup and shot. So it is a huge blessing to have the option of Jordan being able to give me the shots. He has done it before, in a pinch when we have travelled, so it's nothing new but we still have to go through the "training" for insurance purposes. Now we will be able to do it at anytime (between 6-10 days of each other), which will be so much more convenient.

I am feeling great, no more morning sickness, and my energy has increased quite a bit although the progesterone makes me sleepy the first few days after the injections so I tend to go to bed a lot earlier and sleep like a baby. My checkup went well but my cervix seems to be shortening like it did with Hunter. We aren't in the danger zone yet but we are in the grey area. They want to re-check it next week and then make a decision on where to go from there. It really all depends on what happens next week as to what direction we will go. A cerclage was brought up but I am not a great candidate for it since I have so many contractions so we will have to weigh the options and determine the best approach to make with this one. It's totally possible I could go in and find out my cervix is longer next week....because that actually happened with Madison, so I am not ruling that out either. Our prayer is that it either stays put where it is... or even better...goes back to where it should be until term. I am confident God will pull us through whatever happens because He has been so faithful all along. The bright side is I get to see baby girl AGAIN next week *happy dance*


Rachel & Larry said...

Yay for girls! Hunter is going to be great protecting his two little sisters. I have to get the progesterone shots during my next preggos as well...good luck and prayers for a legthening cervix!

Brittnie said...

I am thankful you only have to do the shots 1x a week. I was on them daily, for a week prior to the IVF, and then through the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Not fun but so worth it if it helps! Excited about your girl news!!