Thursday, November 3, 2011

18 months old

We had Maddie's well visit this morning followed by a girl's day out of shopping (cold weather clothes for her and brother) and lunch at La Madeleine's bakery. It was such a fun morning! Daddy and Hunter have their guy nights out all the time after Madison goes to bed so it was fun to take Madison out with just me. I like to rotate which one I bring with me if I am going out and have the opportunity to spend some one on one time with them. With Jordan being home in the afternoons this makes the single outings a lot more frequent! She is at a great age right now. I LOVE 18 months. It is just so precious. She is talking (mostly in single word expressions and LOTS of pointing) and she understands just about everything we say. She is so incredibly sweet, loves to give hugs and kisses. She isn't as much of a snuggler as her brother....yet. She loves hugs but they last about 5-10sec tops and then she is off doing other things! Busy busy. The older she gets the more we can see her personality come out...which is so fun.

She loves to hide in tiny places....this one really scared me. She was under my feet while cooking and suddenly she heart sank when I starting walking around looking for her and she was no where to be found. After about 5 minutes I heard something in one of the cabinets and started opening them all...the last one I checked she was in...just sitting there smiling :) It was so small I didn't even think to look there because I didn't think she could possibly fit in it!
She LOVES to try on shoes

She seems to be a laid back go with the flow kinda girl. She's tough and doesn't cry at times were I would expect her her shots this morning. She follows directions and obeys VERY well for her age. And has some backbone to her when she needs to (like when brother is in the mood to pester). They both LOVE to be outside and would happily stay there all day.

Going on a walk with daddy is always a highlight

Jumping on their trampoline

Or playing in their sandbox
morning snuggles are my favorite

She is a great eater....still our vegetarian mostly. She is the kind of eater I thought I could only dream to have bc she loves fruits and veggies but isn't a big junk food girl. If you give her a cookie she will take one bite and set it down and walk away. She likes pasta and rice but not bread or big chunks of meat...she actually picks out any visible meat and sets it aside. She will eat it if it's ground up like ground turkey or hamburger in a casserole or pasta but that's about it. She gets her daily does of fruits and veggies x 2 or 3!

She wears size 4 diapers, 18-24 months clothes, size 5/6 shoe, and 24 month sleepers. She has all the teeth she is suppose to have (until her 2 year molars come in) and her hair is getting so long! It's almost ready for a real pony tail.

She is 33.25" inches tall (90%), 22.6 pounds (22%), and her head circumference is 18.5" (64%). Her doctor said she has stayed consistent and is still tall and lean! She got her Flu vaccine today (brother got his on Monday), and she also got Hep A. Neither one seemed to bother her. She gave the nurse a dirty look when she got the shots but then was distracted by the super awesome bugs bunny Band-Aids.

The biggest development for month 17 is her increasing interest in going on the potty. I wrote about her poop success after dinner 2 days ago. Well the next morning (yesterday) she woke up and started tugging on her diaper like she wanted it off. We got downstairs and she saw the potty and walked over to it and said tee tee and tugged at her diaper again. So I took it off she sat down and peed! We didn't have any plans out of the house that day so I figured why not give it a shot. I let her roam naked all day and she had 2 poops and 4 tee tee's in the potty with zero accidents! I put her in a diaper at nap time and she stayed dry! I couldn't believe it! But she has taken over and seems to want to really do this! So today I knew would be a challenge because we had her doc appointment first thing in the morning and we had to be out of the house till noon for a showing. So 6 hours away from the house for a girl who has JUST started to learn to go on the potty was going to be a challenge. I put her on the potty when she first woke and she went! Then I put her in a diaper for a run to target to buy her some panties since we didn't have any. I bought some trainers too (they have the water proof covering over the panty to hopefully save the clothes in case of an accident). I changed her into the trainers and she stayed dry all the way to the doctor (even thru target) and I put her on the potty when we arrived at the doc. She looked really apprehensive on the big public potty. She said she needed to poop but looked scared. So after she sat for a bit I got her down and she immediately squatted down NEXT to the potty and pooped. :/ I talked to the doctor about it during our visit and she encouraged me to follow her lead and go for it but to get a portable potty topper for public so it won't feel so scary for her. We left the doctor's office and found a portable potty topper at the store and the rest of the day went great!! She continued the success with two poops and two pees in the potty! After dinner she got down from her chair marched right over and pooped on the potty again! I am going to continue to just follow her lead on this and keep the potty available and her tooshy naked at home for a while and hope this is all it takes! Technically if we were doing the 3-day potty method tomorrow would be day 3 but since she is a little younger I will prob keep doing it this way until I am confident that she's "got it" even if it takes weeks of her running around bare bottomed :) I never would have guessed this is what we would be doing this week!

Hunter likes a front row seat when she is going potty. He coaches her up and is so encouraging!
We woke up to a very chilly house this morning so this was her bare-bottomed attire. She's checking out her successful potty visit :)
In other news, she starts swim lessons on Monday. Hunter started back last week and was the only one in his class (there is another class at the same time with boys he knows from church) so he is actually in the pool with them but he has his own teacher. At the pedi today I asked when we could start Madison in swim lessons (since she has tubes I was under the impression swim lessons were out of the question until the tubes fell out). Her doctor said she was fine to do swim lessons and the tubes weren't at risk of falling out unless she went like 4 feet under. So I called the swim school and got her in the same block as Hunter as a semi-private lesson with Hunter and his teacher! This will be awesome because we didn't start Hunter until much later when he had a little bit of a fear of the water. Maddie has no fear at this age so it will be interesting to see how she progresses!

I think that about sums up Madison for the month. We look forward to each passing day with these two kiddos. They are so incredibly precious and such a wonderful blessing from God they continue to amaze us everyday! Jordan and I just love being their parents and can't wait to meet our 3rd! God is good!

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