Monday, October 10, 2011

And baby makes 5!

We are pregnant with baby #3! We are beyond excited and look forward to the arrival our sweet precious bundle of joy sometime in April!
We found out about 2 months ago when I woke up one morning and had a crazy idea to take the kids to Dallas for the weekend. Jordan was in football camp in New Orleans and I was tired of being home alone with the kids. You may remember this post :). We packed up and headed to Dallas to spend some time with family and somewhere on my way I had the idea to see if I could fly to New Orleans and surprise him at his game the next day. Right after we stopped at Buc-ees, the halfway mark, I started feeling really light headed and run-down. I got really discouraged because I thought surely I was coming down with something and I was 2 hours from Dallas and 2 hours from Houston and I had 2 kids with me. I kept thinking to myself I don't know if I can keep going.

We made it to Dallas and I got the kids down for naps and laid down on the floor with my feet up. I just could not make the feeling go away. I thought maybe it was blood sugar so I ate a bunch of food hoping it would make me feel better and it just wouldn't go away. Finally I dozed off and when I woke up I felt better....WEIRD!

It donned on me later when the dizziness hit me again that this was my first pregnancy symptom with the other 2 kids and also pretty much the ONLY time I am ever light was hard to convince myself to actually buy a test because I thought.... this is ridiculous I'm not pregnant. The next day Rebekah was coming to pick me up to head to New Orleans. I woke up that next morning and took the test, half asleep. As I sat there looking in the results window waiting for it to say "not pregnant" I kept saying to myself this is stupid I'm not pregnant. Then BAM "PREGNANT" showed up. I couldn't believe my I took the second test that came in the package....again "pregnant"......whoa.

Before I left I made sure to snap a starting off belly pic. I forgot to do this with the first 2 and since I show so quickly (being short waisted) I always forget how much I have grown!
So this is me 4 weeks with baby #3!

Rebekah arrived later that day and I was still in La La land from my very surprising news earlier that day. I got in the car feeling sort of flustered and in my own world still trying to think back over the last month. No sooner do I buckle up does she turn to me and say "you're pregnant aren't you?" I was SO not prepared for that. So I just kind of sat there and then stuttered some sort of ramblings before I finally just said "how on EARTH could you possibly know that? I LITERALLY just found out!" She laughed and said she just had a feeling.

We headed to the game and you know that story.....the picture I posted of us after the game "surprising" Jordan was actually the picture of me surprising him with "we're pregnant". His jaw dropped, his eyes bugged out and I could see the wheels turning in his head. His eyes got slightly moist before he grabbed me and hugged me :)

I am now about 12.5 weeks along and just had my second ultrasound this morning and saw a big beautiful growing baby! This baby is quite the squirmy one. I've already been feeling the little flutters for a few weeks now....I call it my little beta because it just feels like a fish is swimming really fast in my tummy! I love the flutters and look forward to future bumps and rolls as the baby continues to grow!

This first trimester has been a little more difficult than my 2 previous pregnancies. For what reason, I have no idea, but I know all pregnancies are different. I have all the same symptoms as with previous ones they just all seem to be MAGNIFIED. I have cravings, aversions, nausea, light headedness, FATIGUE etc. but they all seem to be slowly fading away as I get closer and closer to the second trimester so that is great news. In not so good news my good ole uterus seems to already be acting up again and I started having contractions at around 9 weeks so I am on "light duty" until we can start progesterone injections again once I get into the second trimester. No fun, but I've never actually experienced a pregnancy without restrictions so I really know no different! The contractions really let up when I take it easy so I am fortunate to have Jordan here to help me a lot with the kids.

We told our families we were pregnant when we were in Dallas last weekend. I was a little over 11 weeks which is later than we have told them ever before but I wanted to do it in person (after my first OB appt) and that was the soonest we could get there.

I have had certain weeks of cravings which I want to remember. The first major craving I had was for BLT's. This was my strongest craving to date. I think I had a BLT 11 straight days in a row. I have a really tough time in the mornings, when I'm pregnant, with feeling light headed and dizzy if I don't eat enough protein when I wake up. So it's not unusual for me to wake up and have left overs from dinner the night before for breakfast. If I have cereal for breakfast then I am ready for lunch by 9am. Once I have 3 solid meals in me I'm good to go for the day so the sooner I eat 3 good meals the better I am with the symptoms.

Hunter is actually old enough to somewhat "get it" this time. He can see my growing belly (although still small). He does know there is a baby in my belly and that sometimes I can't do things because my belly hurts (contractions). Daddy has really picked up the slack with the things I can't do so they aren't missing out on anything :) When we told Hunter we were pregnant I said "there is a little baby inside momma's belly and you are going to have another little brother or little sister. Isn't that awesome?" Hunter said "oh really, another Maddie?!" This morning when I got back from my ultrasound Hunter called me in from the playroom and said "hey momma did you get a picture of the baby in your belly? Can I see it?" So precious.

We are so excited to welcome our new addition and to see the many blessings that will flow from this brand new life. We have been so richly blessed and continue to count our blessings and thank God for all He has entrusted us with!


Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

So happy for you! Congratulations!!!

Christine said...

yay!! I am so excited the wonderful news is public! I love this sweet post that you have written. The pictures of you telling Jordan the news are priceless. I am so excited for your sweet family! Love you guys!

heather said...

YAY for more babies!! Congrats!

Sarina said...

I am so thrilled for your guys. Congratulations!! God has perfect timing!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Congratulations Ashlie! That's so exciting! Praying the early contractions come to a complete halt and that your energy picks up soon...the 3rd pregnancy is harder (in my opinion) because you're chasing after TWO children - on top of the challenging 1st trimester symptoms. :-/ But, "this too shall pass", right? Take care of yourself and that lil' bundle of joy!

Heather said...

I am super excited for your family!

Brittnie said...

So excited for you!! :)