Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3.5 years old

I meant to do a post in August for Hunter's 3.5 year update but the time got away from me! Not much changes from month to month at this age so I am sure whatever I would have written would be very similar to today.

Hunter has so much personality. He has a BIG personality much like his dad. He is the happiest person in the room or the saddest. This age is really easy compared to the first 3 years of life. I don't know if it's normal 3.5 year old behavior, first born behavior or just Hunter. Hunter has the unfortunate disadvantage of being the guinea pig to this thing we call parenting. He has turned out pretty good so far if I say so myself but I know we did a few things differently the second time around and probably will with future kids too. He is such a good hearted boy. He genuinely wants to do good and be happy and make others happy. He is quick to apologize when he does something wrong and he says it in such a sweet way "oh, I'm so sorry Maddie are you okay?" Sometimes he likes to pester, as big brothers do, and it's those times apologies don't come as easy.

He's a big snuggler and LOVES to be scratched. Everyday he comes and says mommy can I come snuggle you or sit with you? I take up every chance I get because I know these moments will only be here a little while longer. When we are laying there he will usually say "mommy I love you so much" MELT MY HEART. Sometimes he will say "mommy I'm so happy".

He is a much better eater than he used to be. It wouldn't be a meal if he didn't initially protest everything on his plate but eventually after watching everyone else eat he digs in and does pretty well most nights. He isn't much in to casseroles or things where he can't tell what all is in the food. If it were up to him he would have meat and bread...reminds me SO much of my brother Adam. He loves dessert though so if he thinks there might be a chance at getting "the biggest" cookie, or whatever, he will be the first one to finish his dinner...even if he stuffed it all in there in one bite and is unable to actually chew his food.

He still naps but only about 50% of the time. If he does nap it's a big nap 3-3.5 hours which makes falling asleep at night much harder. Normally he goes to bed at 8pm-7am and naps from 12:30-3:30 (roughly the same time as Madison). If he doesn't nap he still stays in his room for quiet time until Madison wakes up but then he goes to bed at 6pm. He loves the days he naps because he gets to go do "fun stuff" with daddy after dinner. Madison goes to bed anywhere between 5:45-6:30pm so if Hunter naps he and daddy get to go do fun stuff after dinner (5:30ish) until his bedtime at 8:00... BIG incentive for him to actually nap! They usually go to a park, go to the "dirt hills" (mudding), go fill up the deer feeder, go to the water park, chase armadillos, throw rocks in the lake and it usually ends with a stop for gatorade on the way home. Jordan treasures this special time with him and I know Hunter does too. When he gets home at night he comes running in dripping in sweat telling me all about their "adventure" as he calls it. He is usually so hyped up that it takes him an hour and half to finally fall asleep (well that and the combination of his big nap). It's a nice break for me too because I have the house all to myself for a few hours of downtime while Madison is asleep and the boys are out having fun.

He's at the age where he says the funniest stuff everyday. Jordan and I cut eyes across the room at each other SOOOOO many times a day because of this kid. He is hilarious. He is getting creative with his way of saying things and it just cracks us up! The other day he said "mom are you kidding me? did you just do that?!" haha I wonder where he's heard that?! He also gave me my most embarrassing moment a few weeks ago in Target. We were in the checkout line and he had been having some constipation issues. While we were standing in line he stood up in the basket grabbed his rear end and said very loudly

"MOMMY my bottom is freaking out!!!! Poo poo is trying to come out and I won't let it!!!"

Then he said....

"I NEED a new bottom"!!!

Everyone within earshot was DYING laughing and I'm pretty sure my face said all it needed to say :/ I couldn't help but laugh too.

Everyday with you is an adventure Hunter. You are so full of life and personality. You make the room light up when you walk in and you LOVE to have a good time. You are such a good big brother to Madison and you do such a good job of taking care of her. You are my big helper and you love to do things that make me happy. You are so tender hearted and intuitive. Your daddy and I love you so much and are so happy God blessed us with YOU as our first born. We look forward to many many adventures ahead!

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