Monday, October 3, 2011

17 months old!

Madison is 17 months old today. Where did September go?! Life has been a bit hectic this month so I am behind on the ole blog but hope to catch up soon. We have been in Dallas this weekend visiting family. They can't stop talking about how much Madison has changed since we were here in early August. She is a little girl now. She has her own personality and talks all the time. I love this age because I feel like it's the first glimpse at what she will one day be like.

She loves bath time

and playing with Hunter
She is such a sweet little girl. I find myself just watching her as she goes about doing her thing. She is so adorable and has some pretty cute little quirks to her. He hair is getting longer which makes her look even more grown up. She's been walking now for long enough that she is pretty smoothe and quick on her feet and prefers to walk on her tip toes like a little miss priss...or run. She has such a sweet personality. Everything she does is big. Big hugs, big wet kisses with an extra loud smack (which sometimes is timed correctly and sometimes not), when she laughs it's contagious and the whole room stops to see what is so funny. She only REALLY cries when she is hurt, she is such a tough cookie that I am surprised every day at how much she just shrugs off. She follows directions so well not only for her age but in general....she may get that from me I always tried to do what my parents/teachers told me to do. She has fun little games she loves to play such as chase or peek a boo. When she is being playful and we tell her to come here she will drop to the floor on her stomach like a pancake and laugh hysterically...this is most often seen in the bath when it's time to get out. She is soooo busy, she entertains herself well but when she is bored she lets you know and generally a walk outside is a cure-all for boredom. She is really into trying on things right now, jewelry, purses, SHOES, clothes etc. she will entertain herself forever with a basket full of shoes that are slightly too big for her. She loves ride a long toys and her baby doll which she is so affectionate with.

She poses for the camera too, anytime I pull my phone out in her direction, whether I am taking a picture or not, she will stop and smile and say cheese!!!

She is down to one nap a day (unless she is sick) and generally it's from 12-3ish. If it's under 2 hours she has a 5:45pm bedtime and she will sleep till her normal 7am wake up time. Otherwise bedtime is 6:30pm-7:00am.

She is in 18 month clothes, size 5 shoes, size 4 diapers and she is still tall and skinny. She has lost what little baby fat she ever had (if any) and looks so much taller now. She is cutting her last two canines right now which will bring her up to a full head of teeth for her are the two year molars.

Her appetite is still better than her brother (no matter what age) but it has dropped off a tad from the past 6 months. She seems to turn her nose up to meat and bread (which are actually Hunter's favorites) but LOVES fruits and veggies, pasta and rice. Her favorites are grapes, blueberries, apples, oranges, mango, strawberries, melons, green beans, peas, carrots, potatoes, and mac and cheese.

She has new words everyday too many to count at this point and LOVES doing the sounds of animals. She belly laughs when we go through them. She also likes to do body parts but not nearly as much as animal noises. She likes going through the names of those who love her and can do just about every name in the family including the tougher ones with more advanced consonants such as Vivi and James.

She loves to be she is swinging on the hammock with daddy while I am making dinner.

We love you so much sweet baby girl and are soaking up every moment we have with you. We are blessed!

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