Saturday, September 3, 2011

16 months old!

Madison is 16 months old today. I really love this age. I can start to see her personality shining through more and more each month. When I go back and read about Hunter at this age it's really obvious just how different their personalities are. Of course developmentally they are doing pretty much the same stuff but the way they react to situations at this age is definitely different!

Maddie is into everything...literally. She climbs on and in everything. She wants to be doing everything we are doing, especially what Hunter is doing. She and Hunter play really well together. When she wakes up before him or she and I are here alone she seems kind of bored without Hunter. She already knows how to be dramatic and "cry wolf". For instance if she is playing with a toy that she knows Hunter will want (i.e. one of his fav cars). She will sit over on the other side of the room and watch him out of the corner of her eye. If he so much as looks in her direction or Heaven forbid gets up and walks in her direction. She starts shrieking and screaming as if someone is trying to cut her arm off... I used to immediately think Hunter was instigating but one day I watched silently out of view and saw how totally dramatic she was being!!! Crazy how early that starts :) I will say though she has had her fair share of situations with big brother that taught her to play cautiously with toys. Haha. I really love how they play together. Hunter is so much better about sharing now that he has a sibling. He can be kind of manipulative about it....he definitely has the distraction technique down. If he wants to play with a toy without Maddie he will go find a toy equally intriguing and say "here Maddie you can play with this!" and then he will run off and play quietly with his toy. Haha it starts so early!

Maddie got a hold of some Visine (that didn't have a lid on it) she put it straight to her mouth like a bottle and started sucking on it. I grabbed it from her as soon as I could get over to her but I couldn't be sure of wether or not she actually got any. I had to call poison control because of the active ingredients in the Visine. Poison Control sent us straight to the ER. When we arrived we were prioritized in front of everyone and taken straight back. The doctor came and took vitals and asked how long it had been (only about 20 min at that point). They monitored her for changes and after an hour released her and said she must not have gotten any because the effects would have been immediate and dramatic. Whew! God protected her for sure that night. So thankful.
Waiting in the ER

Past her bedtime

Maddie has had her first language explosion this month. It's possible she had it a while back and I didn't notice because someone pointed out to me that she was saying things I didn't even notice. She has been "verbal" for a while but I thought they were just noises. Then I realized she makes the same noises for certain situations. For instance, when she's hungry she says "snack" and runs to the pantry or her high chair...."snack" did not sound like snack to me until someone pointed it out to me.

She says:
Noah (woawah)
Beekah (deedah)
Snack (sack)
All done (da) she yells it and waves her hands in the air when she's done
Please (peas)
Thank you (sa su)
Yes (sis)
No m'am (na ma)
Vivi (bibi)
Baby (beebee)
Cheese (when we pull out the camera)
Banana (bana)

And a few others that aren't coming to me.

When she wants something she runs over to it and does "ah ah ah" until I figure out what it is.

She loves my iphone and iPad and can totally navigate it to what she wants to do. Toddler flashcards, babytouch, and baby's first TV are her favorites. She gets so excited about it. She also has a few Mickey Mouse episodes to watch on there.

She loves her baby doll and will pick it up and carry it everywhere with her. She gives it kisses and the "smack" noise comes way after the contact, which is pretty cute. She burps, rocks and hugs the baby too.

She still sucks her thumb when she is tired. Usually she will find a Lovie and suck her thumb and lay down or walk over to me and lay her head down and make this lawn mower sound while sucking her thumb. She LOVES her lovie. She's OBSESSED with it. She would carry it all day if I would let her. But since the only time she sucks her thumb is when she has Lovie I try to limit Lovie to just the crib. She is such a good sleeper. She always has been but it seems like the older she gets the better she is. She doesn't fight naps or bedtime. She wakes up happy and plays until I come get her. The only time she cries is if she throws Lovie out of the crib and can't reach it. She is still in the 2 to 1 nap transition. She is still more of a 2 napper. She sleeps from 6:45pm-7:00am and takes her first nap from 9-10:00am and her second nap at the same time as Hunter from 12:30-3:30. If her morning nap is longer than an hour her afternoon nap will be more like 2 hours. If she only takes one nap she goes down at 11:45/12:00 and sleeps 3 hours. She's not a fan of footed PJ's anymore or long sleeves. We keep our house pretty cold so my kids usually can get away with wearing the same Pj's year round but Madison gets frustrated with sleeves and tugs at them and kind of yells at me in protest when I put her in footed PJ's. Definitely not a fan!

This girl can EAT. I seriously have no clue where it all goes but she easily eats 3 times more than Hunter and she is such a tiny little peanut! She's tall but super thin for her height. She loves pretty much all food but is crazy over fruit. Grapes seem to be the popular one right now. She's also at the stage where she wants what everyone else is having in addition to her food. It is impossible to eat in front of this girl without having to share, it wouldn't matter how full she is she NEEDS what you are eating too!

Two of her eye teeth came in last month and the other two are on deck. They don't seem to really bother her though. She chipped her front tooth a tiny bit, just like big brother, but it's not as obvious as his. I have no idea when or how that happened but as crazy as she is there really is no telling. She has zero fear.

She understands so much right now and is actually very obedient. She responds to "no m'am" SOOO much better than Hunter did at this age. If she does something she shouldn't and I say "no m'am" she will stop immediately and walk away. Of course she will return to it in about 5 minutes if I haven't found something for her to do but I have been impressed with how her response is so immediate. She follows directions very well too. I can tell her to sit down and she will sit down and stay there. I can say "let's go get Hunter" and she will RUN to the stairs and into his room shrieking with excitement. She understands pretty much everything in our normal daily routine so long as I tell her ahead of time she will lead the way! The way she responds to direction/correction is amazing I don't know if that's a personality difference or just that we've tightened up our parenting from when Hunter was this age but I am very impressed with her! Her personality is a bit more laid back than Hunter. Hunter is very precise (anal) and likes things just so. Maddie is the opposite. She is a totally go with the flow kid. I'm not sure if its birth order or what but it is very obvious how different their personalities are even at this young age. I love each of their quirks because it makes them so unique!

We love you Madison you make us laugh everyday. You are too precious for words. We thank God everyday for blessing us with YOU!