Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Dat!

Jordan signed with the saints this morning! This is a huge answer to prayers for us. Jordan is entering his 9th year in the NFL and wants to play this year more than I have ever seen before. His passion and love for the game is very much still alive! I am just amazed at God's timing through this all and His faithfulness. The NFL lockout was a long break and though it was SO nice to spend extra time as a family it left a lot of uncertainty for the future! Football is back and Jordan is in camp. All feels normal again :) I must say I have been blown away these last two days at God's faithfulness. I had not one but 2 dreams in the last few months that Jordan signed with the Saints. We also had a very dear friend that had that same feeling and told Jordan that he was going to pray specifically for him to sign with New Orleans. When he got the phone call yesterday we were BLOWN is SO neat to see how God works! He has prepared the way for us with not one but TWO friends (couples) who live in New Orleans and in the last 24 hours I have already been totally set up! Jordan left immediately after he got the phone call and has a game on Friday after only 2 practices. The kids and I look forward to joining him in New Orleans once camp ends. We are excited and thankful for the blessing and new adventure!

Jordan saying good-bye to the kids

P.S. I'm not really a fan of the "who dat" saying so this is probably the only time I will reference it :) LOL


Sarah W. said...

This totally made me cry!! I'm just so happy Jordan's desire to continue playing was fulfilled!! I also totally laughed about you never saying "who dat"'re so funny!!

Praying for a smooth transition to your new home!!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Congratulations to Jordan and praise God for providing for your family and continuing to fulfill your dreams. Such an awesome story about waiting and trusting. I hope your move is an easy transition - Jacksonville will miss you guys!

Christine said...

I'm so happy for you guys Ash. It is amazing to watch God answer prayers in totally unexpected ways. Also, the pics of Jordan saying goodbye to the kids is so sad and sweet! He is a good daddy! You both are great parents and are raising wonderful kids by focusing on God. Love you and am so excited for you guys!!