Saturday, August 13, 2011

Surprise trip to NOLA

I woke up Thursday morning feeling spontaneous I suppose. It was going to be a normal day at home, just me and the kids. We were starting off in our normal routine. After breakfast I started cleaning up the kitchen and just had the idea to go pack up and go to Dallas for the weekend. I put the kids in the playroom with a cartoon and quickly packed us all up and finished cleaning up the house (since it's on the market we have to leave it perfect). We were on the road by 8am and in Dallas by noon. Somewhere between Huntsville and Madisonville I got the urge to go surprise Jordan at his game in New Orleans. It was a 7:00pm game Friday night (the next day). I thought it would be fun to see him in person for his first game as a Saint. I called Rebekah to see if she wanted to join me to NOLA. She was in. I assumed there would be flights from Dallas to NOLA that would line up with the game since they are two big cities. I called my mom to see if I could leave the kids in her care for the night. She said yes. I called my friend from the Saints to see if her hubby could get us tickets so that we wouldn't have to get them through Jordan (since it was a surprise) she said no problem. I called southwest and booked two free flights (I had them saved up) for the 5:00 flight that arrived at 6:20pm in NOLA....cutting it close but we were gonna try it anyway!

Rebekah showed up at 3:15pm we went with only our purses (toothbrush, makeup and pair of shorts to sleep in). We hopped on the 5 o'clock landed at exactly 6:20 took a cab (that's a whole nother story) to the stadium and got there just as the game started. We picked up our tickets in Will call and headed up to our seats! It was a great game. Jordan played great considering he didn't know the offense yet and had only had 2 practices with the team.

After the game we went down to the family waiting area to surprise Jordan. Our friend called her hubby to tell him to tell Jordan to come out and see us. I texted Jordan to tell him to come out as well....he didn't get either message. After waiting about 45 minutes I finally called him and he happened to answer! He had already walked to his car and was about to leave when he felt his phone vibrate. He did not believe that we were there. He was CLUELESS! After much convincing he finally decided to come see if I was telling the truth. He walked in and had the best look on his face! He was definitely surprised! He said he was about to get in his car and drive to Houston because they had the night and the whole next day off and he missed us so much. I was very glad I caught him!

It turns out I had booked our hotel at the same hotel the team was staying in. So we jumped in his truck and headed to the hotel. We checked in to our room and the 3 of us stayed up talking for a while. We finally went to bed around 1am (Jordan went back to his room which we were not allowed in). Rebekah and I got up at 5am to catch our flight back to Dallas. The shuttle took us to the airport and we were back in Dallas this morning by 8:45am.

What a fun and quick trip! Rebekah and I had a blast together and it was so fun to surprise Jordan and get to see him play in his first Saints game!


Sarah W. said...

What a fun wife you are!! Such a great story!

Christine said...

aww how fun! You are a good wife! What a sweet story!