Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo shoot with Meagan

Meagan did a last minute photo shoot with me yesterday. I was putting together my annual scrapbook for Jordan for training camp and had a hard time finding any pictures of me to put in the book. I'm always behind the camera! So my awesome sis did a quick last minute session with me before we went back to Houston. It was a surprise for Jordan's book. These are some of my favs.

I think this one is my favorite

Jordan said this is his favorite

But I also like this one because it was a real moment! I was laughing at something she said and the wind caught my dress!

Meagan is so awesome and really great to work with she has such a good eye. She's a natural!

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Amber said...

These are great. My fav is the horizontal one in the grass. I'm sure Jordan loved these.