Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The kids and I spent the week in Dallas after my quick trip to NOLA for Jordan's game. It was so nice to be surrounded by family. My house in Houston sure was feeling lonely with Jordan gone.

After returning from NOLA Saturday morning we hung out at Nana and Pop's for the week. Saturday night we went to Jimmy's 40th birthday party and met his whole family for the first time. Rebekah kept Maddie at home while Hunter and I went to the party with my family. It was a pool party and mostly after her bedtime. I was grateful Rebekah offered!

Sunday we went to church at Highland Oaks with my family and they did the big farewell presentation to Meagan as she leaves the ministry to pursue a career in nursing. That was neat to be a part of. I took a ridiculously awesome nap Sunday afternoon, as did my kids.

Rachel came over on Monday with Caden (12 weeks now). We hung out for the afternoon while my kids napped. It was great to spend time with her as usual.

On Tuesday Rebekah brought lunch over and we hung out all afternoon while the kid napped. Then I got ready and headed to meet Meagan for a photo shoot (just me this time). Photos to come.

On Wednesday the kids and I headed back to Houston. We were sad to leave but I needed to get back home and take care of things at the house. It was a great week with family! The kids had a blast with their cousins too.

Maddie had a blast playing in Chloe's dress up heels and jewelry

Noah is so sweet with Maddie. They have a really cute little bond.

Noah had to spend some time in time out and Maddie just couldn't stand to be away from him so she brought her toys over by him and played quietly behind him waiting for him to get out of time out. So adorable!

Hunter snuggling with Pop
Hunter and Noah watching cartoons together

Hunter and Maddie had fun in Nana and Pop's backyard. They were playing in the sandbox and the sprinklers came on. It didn't phase them....although Hunter's pants had a little trouble staying up when drenched! Check out that white tooshie!
What a MESS! They had a blast though :)

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Amber said...

Did anyone else notice the guns on Maddie? How many one year olds have definition in their arms! Hilarious.