Monday, August 22, 2011

The big 3-0

I officially crossed over today. It's just another day really, I'm not ashamed to be 30 at all but it has been fun to poke fun at all of my 30 something friends for the past few years. My birthday falls at an odd time for us because Jordan is always in training camp. Last year camp ended the day before my birthday so we celebrated ON my actual birthday for the first time in our marriage and probably in our dating life too. This year camp was suppose to end the day before my birthday again but the coach decided to extend it a week and take the team to California. So while Jordan actually had my birthday off...he was in California. I still feel the love every year though even if its not on the actual day I was born or even the month. He's always so good to me as are my family and friends!

The kids and I woke up this morning and headed to Chuck E Cheese to meet Sheila and her grandson Aiden for a play date. I normally go to Monday night girls bible study at Sheila's and she does a big birthday dinner for the birthday girl of the week but since I am without childcare I was unable to attend. So she brought my birthday dinner to me in the form of a Chuck E Cheese celebration. The kids of course thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and I loved even more watching them have a blast. We were the only ones there so they took over the whole place.

We did cake, pizza and presents and the kids played every game a few times through.

I am fairly certain this Chuck E Cheese has never had a 30 candle birthday cake. Not only was there not enough room for 30 candles but he did not have safe way of lighting them and he made sure to mention that we would have to move tables so as to get out of range of the smoked detector. Awesome.

No really it was hilarious.

I took Maddie up through the big tunnels and down the big slide something I am fairly certain I will never be able to repeat ever again. Like I said we had the whole place to ourselves. The last time I went through a tunnel that small I was much shorter. I had to bear crawl to get through...while pushing/holding a 20ish pound toddler. She loved it though. And she LOVED the huge slide.

They played all morning and we packed it up to get home just in time for nap time.

I arrived home to find this on my doorstep :) He's so good to me
It was a great birthday. What better way to spend the big 3-0 than to act like a kid all day :)

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