Wednesday, August 3, 2011

15 months old!

Madison is 15 months old today! Our sweet spunky little firecracker is really coming into her own these days. She is in that stage where we are basically just trying to keep her alive. She has zero fears and is a crazy dare devil. Some of her favorite past-times are standing on tables, climbing onto the sink in her bathroom (still not sure how she got up there), playing in toilet water (if big brother forgets to close the bathroom door especially nasty if he forgets to flush), swallowing small sharp particles (I'll leave it at that), and jumping on the couch. She is one tough cookie. She will have the nastiest fall that would leave any kid in the fetal position in tears and she just gets up and keeps on going. She is a rough playmate too! She tackles like it's her job.

But she still loves to do girly girl stuff too. She is obsessed with purses, bags, jewelry (especially necklaces and bracelets), and wearing pretty bows and princess crowns. She loves to play in my makeup brushes and sit next to me and pretend to put it on with me. She loves the iPhone and can navigate to her games (and play them) or can go to the pictures and take pictures of the ground or of herself. She also loves to talk on the phone while carrying her purse.

She is starting to fight back when big brother takes a toy away from her. She used to concede and just move on but now she fights back with all she has to hang on to the toy. She LOVES to go outside and the second she hears the door chime she makes a bee-line to the door and throws a full on fit if the door shuts before she gets to go out. She also does not like it when we leave (possibly due to the not getting to go outside thing). She is still okay with going to others (provided it isn't during the small snuggle window she wants after her nap). She goes well to the gym and church nursery with no protest or fear.

She loves to read books and says "see?!" about 5,000 times a day. Hunter's word was "whasat" Maddie's is "see". Which means she wants us to tell her what everything is. She loves to play the name game. Where we say someones name and she touches them to let us know who is who. When she refers to herself she pats her self 3 times and says "da da da" as if to say "Ma-di-son"....she's at least got the syllables right.

You cannot eat any food in front of this girl without planning to share at least half of it.....yup she's in that stage. She will have a perfectly good meal in front of her but she also wants what every other person at the table is having in addition to her meal.

Yum she and brother LOVE cake pops

She is a big daddy's girl and LOVES to see him return home in the afternoons. She will come running around the corner yelling "da!!!!!" and then tackle his legs and beg to be picked up. She also loves to go get Hunter from his naps, provided she wakes up before him. I will say "Maddie you want to go get Hunter?" and she will drop what she is doing and run for the stairs laughing the whole way up and then run into his door as if to knock it down all the while panting with a sort of breathless excitement. She then climbs up on his bed and tackles him. I love it!

She has figured out how to go down the stairs properly. She can do it with or without a rail. If she does it with the rail I let her and just stay close by...without the rail I usually have my hands ready to catch but she is VERY careful. She also goes up the stairs like a big girl too. She loves to drink out of big girl cups and use utensils to eat (mostly spoons) but both are still for practice.

She loves playing in the kitchen at the doctors office. I see one of these in her future.

She is in the transition from 2 naps to 1. She can take 1 most days usually at the same time as Hunter from 12:30-3:30. Some days she still needs 2 naps but I wake her up from her first one so she doesn't go too long. If she does two naps its 10-12:00pm (I wake her up) then her 2nd nap is from 2:00-4:00pm. She goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00pm and wakes up between 6:45-7:45am....her wakeup time is what determines whether it will be a 2 nap day or a 1 nap day.

She always falls asleep on the way home from church. It's so exhausting to play with all of those kids all morning!
She has 13 teeth and one cutting this week to make 14. She is 31.5 inches (75%) and 21.5 pounds (25%). She wears 12-18 month clothes and size 4-5 shoes.

She loves to try to dress herself. She loves to go get her shoes and put them on. She tries to help me with her pants/shorts and socks.

We have a daily schedule we follow because it just works for us to have something planned out for the day. I am more productive and accountable and the kids know what to expect for the day and look forward to each new activity change. We usually go in 30 minute blocks. The days we follow the schedule we have very little discipline issues which is probably the biggest perk. I love it and the kids love it and I get a lot done because of the structure. One of the things we do everyday is go on a morning walk right after breakfast. Hunter rides his bike and Maddie in the double stroller (we take the double in case Hunter gets tired). We usually go for about 4 miles which takes a little over an hour. I can't believe Hunter can ride his bike that far. We have to go right after breakfast or else it is way too hot. Sometimes we ride up to the gas station and get a gatorade and then go back home. Hunter usually picks the trail we take for the day. And I am usually walking as fast as I can behind him to keep up.

After our morning walk is craft time! Craft time is their favorite part of the day. It's the only thing I could think of that would make them look forward to going inside after getting to be outside. They love it!
Maddie usually wakes up before Hunter from her nap (it takes Hunter longer to fall asleep but they both sleep the same amount of time usually). This is mine and Maddie's built in alone time together. She starts off very snuggly and wants to sit in my lap for a while and drink her sippy cup. I love these precious moments.
We love you to pieces Maddie Moo. You make our days so full and fun and we love to laugh at all the adorable things you do. You are our special baby girl. We love you!

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