Friday, July 1, 2011

Yellowwood 2011

We just returned from our annual summer trip with the Bentons and Niswangers. This was our 4th summer to do it and our 2nd summer at Camp Yellowwood. We had so much fun hanging out, watching the kids play, swimming, 4 wheeling, shooting guns and fireworks and just being together! We just love this group so much and it's amazing how fast our group is growing! This year we had 6 adults and 7 kids. This was the first year the adults were out numbered. Our kids are all close in age so it's really a lot of fun for them too.

Main House
Loving some Hunter snuggles
Hunter had fun with his girls Emory and Kaitlyn. They taught him how to play make believe this week. It has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for him.

Madison, John Carter and Ava Grace are little toddlers now. They've changed so much since last year!

Sweet Hailey is the baby of the group for now. This was her first summer trip with the group.
Rudy, Patricia and the twins (AG, JC)
sweet Maddie moo
fun with bubbles
Getting some snuggles with Emory and Hunter
Patricia and John Carter
Kaitlyn, Hunter and Emory getting ready for Robbie's birthday party

Feeding the donkeys and goats



Ava Grace
John Carter

Kaitlyn and Robbie
Hailey and Robbie

Patricia with the twins (AG, JC)
More Hunter snuggles (I can't get enough!)
This is it right here...THE BEST!

Amber and me cooking dinner
Amber and Patricia

Patricia, me and Maddie (taken by Emory)

Emory took this one of us too :)

Jordan and Hunter had fun fishin'
Robbie, Rudy and Kaitlyn
Jordan at the range

Me at the range
Jordan giving Hunter his first shooting lesson

Rudy reading the kids their bedtime bible story
Hunter and Emory practicing their gymnastics moves
John Carter tackling Hunter. I know Hunter can't wait till JC is old enough to go do boy stuff with him. Poor dudes are WAY out numbered!

Our last night there we had fun with fireworks and sparklers
Amber and Hailey

Hunter thought the fireworks were too loud
I have no words... LOL

Look at my handsome boys!

Rudy, Jordan and Robbie

My buddy John Carter
He's such a snuggle bug!

Amber, Hunter and Emory
Emory playing catch with Maddie

Amber and Hunter making dinner
Picnic and movie on the couch
Hailey checkin' out those beards!

We had PLENTY of 4-wheeler time this year

Jordan taking Hailey for a swim

Boys piling on Jordan
Group pile-on!

Look at all these kiddos! From oldest to youngest Hunter (3), Emory (3), Kaitlyn (2.5), Ava Grace and John Carter (14m), Madison (13m), Hailey (7m).

We had a blast and cannot wait until next year. We love and miss these guys everyday!

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