Monday, July 4, 2011


On our way back from Louisiana we decided to stop through Dallas and visit the fam. We stayed with Rebekah and James for the first time. The kids had so much fun! They have 4 dogs (3 of which were there) so they had fun playing with the dogs too.

Saturday night I snuck away to go meet little Cayden Colon for the first time. Rachel is doing graet and feeling and looking great! Motherhood suits her well!

Here is Cayden about 6-7 weeks old.
Drew, Rachel and Cayden
The rest of the weekend we hung out at Beekah and James house. Papa and Vivi came over and we went to lunch with them Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday morning Beekah, Hunter and I went for a swim.
Hunter had fun showing off his new skills to aunt Beekah

We went to late service on Sunday morning, at lunch really quick and hit the road back to Houston!

It was a quick but fun weekend! Always good to see family.

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