Sunday, July 3, 2011

14 months old!

I love this stage. I love all stages but this is a really fun age. Madison is into everything right now. EVERYTHING! She is our little tornado that leaves a complete disaster zone wherever she has been. She knows she's doing it too because when she is totally busted she giggles and runs away screaming and shrieking with excitement the whole way. Little stinker.

Such a cutie patootie

This is also a really fun age as far as sibling interaction goes. She and Hunter are having a BLAST. He is definitely starting to see her as a playmate now and thoroughly enjoys entertaining her and making her laugh...likewise for Madison. He has already started the big brother pestering but she is totally up for it and can really hang with him quite well. She is a little firecracker! She is a fiesty and STRONG little girl. She can definitely HOLD HER OWN. She has incredible amount of patience and pain tolerance for a girl her size!

Fighting over the loofah (she's taking it from him!)

Getting splashed in the face

Big brother dragging her around the room by her pj's (she had a blast!)

Hunter loves it when Madison "walks" him around the house. He just grabs on and lets her lead him like a dog on a leash...they both giggle the whole way.

Hunter loves to go wake up Maddie just as much as she does! He always tells me "mommy you wait downstairs I'll go get maddie"...yeah sure thing bud!

watching morning cartoons together
She is really into climbing right now. She can get up on any chair and couch and will jump and throw herself forward or back. This morning she thought it would be fun to jump off the couch...literally... she contemplated it and went for it ON PURPOSE. She gets off the couch the safe way 1,000 times per day and this time she just looked, grinned and squealed and made a leap forward to the ground. She laid there for a second, laughed and then climbed back up to do it again. She's crazy.

She helped me clean out my closet this week.

She took a break to watch Mickey Mouse while I finished up...this process took 3 days :)
She tackles. She will full on slam her body into us and propel through the air about 276 times per day. She has the biggest grin on her face the whole time too like its the best thing in the whole world. She is a very independent player can keep herself entertained for quite a while, usually doing some sort of destruction, but she loves to run over for a quick hug or kiss....or 5... before going back out on her own again. She even makes the kiss sound. Pretty stinkin cute.

She loves to be outside and will make a beeline for the door the moment she hears the chime. If Jordan is returning home you can hear her running around the corner screaming DA DA!!!!!!! If it's me it's just DAAAAAAAAAA! like she is so excited. DA!!!! Is her "I'm really excited" word. When she asks a question she says "See?" with a certain inflection in her voice like what's this?" almost.

She loves to point out body parts and to tickle people. She loves to be tickled and to play on the bed. She throws her body around all over the bed when she's on it. She loves to make people laugh and play peek a boo. Her favorite thing is going to wake up Hunter in the mornings or after nap. I will usually go get her first for this reason because I love to see and hear the sheer excitement in her voice on the way to his room. We can be downstairs playing and I say "maddie you want to go wake up Hunter?" and she will throw down whatever is in her hands, yell "DA"!!! and take off running for the stairs.

playing peek a boo

She is a really good eater! You wouldn't know it by how lean she is but she can put away some food! Most days she out eats Hunter easily. She doesn't turn away from anything. She pretty much likes anything and feeds herself. She uses a spoon correctly but it is very messy :)

She is a very happy and content most times but she can be a little firecracker when she wants!
She's even cute when she's protesting :)
Life of the party this one...

I caught her stealing a sip of my protein shake the other's how it went down....

"Hey that's pretty yummy"
"hey! why did you take it away from me?"
"but I was drinking thaaaaaaaaaat"
Fresh out of the shower :)
Messing with big brother while he's suppose to be eating
Stealing mom's wallet and keys as we are walking out the door she says "I'm driving!"
Getting busted trying to climb up on the window seal....this is the "I'm cute and totally innocent look"
Playing with her baby doll (fav toy right now)
She does this ALL DAY LONG....put the baby in the stroller, take the baby out, burp the baby, rock the baby, hug the baby, push the baby in the stroller, throw the baby on the floor, sit in the stroller, pick up the stroller and walk around with it suspended in the air.....repeat 487 times
She looks so old :(
You're growing up to fast baby girl. Make it stop someone! Seriously the cuteness factor is through the roof in my house right now. We love our babies to pieces and are just EATING THIS UP! Being their mommy is the best thing EVER!


Christine said...

Love how detailed you are in describing her! She is so cute and sounds like she is such a character! :) She is reminding me more and more of you in looks and in some of the ways that you describe her reminded me of you :)

Becky said...

I could eat her up!!!