Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

Hunter: "Is that like your daddy's truck?" (is that like my daddy's truck)

Maddie: "Su!" (shoe)

Hunter: "Where him he go?" (where did it go?)

Maddie: eesh! (fish)

Hunter: "it's tryin to be done" (the movie is over)

Maddie: Si? (what's that?)

Hunter: cadipedder (caterpillar)

Hunter: "it's loading!!!" (the dvd is skipping)

Hunter: is that a wine more I hear? (lawn mower)

I just want to document some of these precious memories. It seems like they grow up over night and it's so easy to forget some of the cute sayings they say or the adorable ways they mispronounce words.

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