Friday, June 3, 2011

13 months old

I love 13 months old! Madison is like a little sponge soaking up and learning new things every day. Now that her pesky ears are no longer a problem we have our baby girl back! She is so full of spunk and busy busy.

This has been a pretty smooth month for her other than a few days of pain from cutting 4 molars at once! She still has 2 working their way in but she at least has some relief from the other two.

She finally tipped the scale at 20 pounds this month and seems to have grown out of all of her size 3 shoes. She wears her little Nike free shoes, size 4, most days and is running just about everywhere. She loves to climb and started self feeding with a spoon this month. She loves to have that control even though it is extremely messy. She savors each and every moment of that spoon being suspended, in her death grip, halfway between the bowl and her mouth meanwhile spilling the majority of the contents out, she grins with such pride at how big she is getting and that she has been allowed such freedom. Priceless moments.

There is our happy girl!

The downside to the tubes is that she can't go underwater anymore. That has REALLY cramped her swimming style!

When were are in the pool we spend ALL of our time trying to keep this child from going under water. It's exhausting. She finally conceded and just learned to enjoy the beach entry. Here she is running in. Once she gets knee high she throws her body forward in a pretend fall and splashes water all over herself and laughs. She then repeats this maneuver 2,173 times.

After being an exclusive tummy sleeper for 12 months she is trying out some new positions!

Always trying to keep up with Hunter
Highlights for month 12:

  • Added "shoe" and "fish" to her vocabulary (dadda, momma, poo poo, Nana, Hey)
  • Learning to self feed with a spoon
  • Stacks 4 blocks
  • Attempts to brush her own teeth
  • Attempts to put her own shoes on
  • Loves to "talk" on the phone
  • Points out 3 body parts
  • Loves peek a boo
  • Repsonds to simple instructions (give me a kiss, come here, hand me your cup, go tickle Hunter etc.)
  • Loves to see photos and pictures of herself
  • LOVES the iphone/ipad
  • Likes to help with getting dressed and undressed
  • Likes to pretend to read a book
  • Loves to play chase
  • Loves to turn on the bathwater and try to get into the bathtub alone (head first)
Things are so much fun right now. They are at such a great age for interacting with each other. It keeps getting better and better!

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