Friday, May 6, 2011


After 2 months of a double ear infection that would NOT budge even with 5 rounds of antibiotics and a shot of Rocephin Madison finally got tubes. Poor baby girl has been a different child since she had the swine flu back in early February. Her ears have been just a non stop nuisance to her. I am eager to see how the tubes change her overall demeanor once she is no longer in constant pain. I say this like its been has not. BUT given the fact that this has always been the EASIEST child on the planet any slight change in temperament is glaringly obvious. The biggest thing that has been affected is her sleep. She is still by definition a "good sleeper" but since her ear infections have been around she is an extremely fitful and restless sleeper and when she wakes up she is still exhausted from not getting a good quality of sleep. She will randomly scream out in the middle of the night multiple times and bat at her ears and sit up/lay down/sit up/lay down over and over again like she just can't get comfortable. Her naps started getting cut shorter and shorter (unless we gave her motrin which we couldn't do everyday for 2 months). She didn't always run a high fever but about once a week it would spike for a day or so. All that to say her pediatrician was concerned and said it's time. One trip to the ENT and he agreed she needed tubes after seeing just how bad her ears were. She passed the hearing test thank goodness but failed the tympanic membrane test (which he attributed to all the fluid in her ears).

I was a little anxious about her getting tubes only because of the anesthesia. I got her up this morning at 5am and we headed to the hospital. We arrived at 5:30 and were taken back to get her prepped. She was not allowed to have anything to eat or drink so I wasn't sure how she would act having to sit there for 2.5 hours in a tiny room with no door. She didn't seem too hungry, but it was pretty difficult to keep her in the room with only a curtain to keep her in. She started out watching mickey mouse on the bed. That lasted about 20 minutes. The nurses came in to check vitals and other things and then Maddie decided it was time to roam.

This picture is precious

I brought a few toys with me but she was more interested in the NON toy items

The nurses were awesome and expected that I would have a hard time handing her over when the time came. I really thought I would to because of the horror story my parents love to tell of when I was little and had to have surgery. I was a pretty sick kid from birth to 4yo. I had tubes as a toddler which helped all of the ear infections and then when I was 4 I had my tonsils removed and adenoids shaped. Apparently when it came time for me to go back for surgery as I was being rolled through the double doors on the stretcher I cried to mom and dad and reached my hands out for them and cried "come here!" They said they cried like babies when I did that. Broke their hearts.

Madison is MUCH younger than I was so I figured she probably wouldn't do that to me but I wasn't sure wether or not she would cry when I handed her over. She usually has no problem going to others. But I was still worried. Thankfully the nurse that was going to be taking her came and played with her for a while so she got to know her a bit before taking her back. Of course when the time came Madison went right to her and didn't even look back...and neither did I (I didn't want that image in my brain forever).

One last hug from momma
She was taken back 30 minutes earlier than expected because they were ahead of schedule, thank goodness. I went out to the waiting room and had just enough time to go to the bathroom and call Jordan, who was trying to make it to the hospital in time, before her ENT walked out to let me know the procedure went very well and that they would be calling me back soon to see her. I looked at my watch and realized it had only been 7 minutes since I handed her over. 7 MINUTES! A few minutes later the nurse came and got me. So 12 minutes is the total time I was away from Madison.

I went back to recovery to find her screaming her head off. Apparently she did not like to be woken up still strapped down to the table! SOOOO not surprised about that one. She saw me and began to calm down but would get upset each time she burped. She was burping a lot for some reason and the pressure change hurt her ears. We gave her some food and drink and she was happy again. We left the hospital 30 minutes later just as Jordan was pulling into the parking lot. It all happened so fast he totally missed it! He felt terrible but I assured him that he didn't miss anything and besides they would not have let Hunter back in recovery so one of us would have been stuck in the waiting room the whole time.

We returned home by 9am just in time for her morning nap. We gave her some motrin for any pain and her ears were draining pretty badly from all the fluid build up so we had to clean her up a bit. She slept well and woke up ready to go!

She and Hunter had fun building a fort on Hunter's travel bed
She didn't miss a beat
Back to her usual antics

Like nothing ever happened! I know it's "just tubes" but still....we are thanking the Lord for providing protection over our baby girl this morning.

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