Friday, May 27, 2011

Cayden is here!

On Sunday Rachel reached 37 weeks and was finally taken off bedrest. She had been on bedrest for preterm labor since 31 weeks. She didn't even make it a full 24 hours off bed rest before she went into labor with Cayden on Monday morning May 23rd at around 1:30am. She texted me around 6:30am to see if I was awake. I called her immediately because I just had a feeling she wasn't going to last very long off bed rest. She told me she would be heading to the hospital soon! Woohoo!!! Cayden Drew Colon made his entrance at 37 weeks 1 day at 7:08pm weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and 19 inches long. He is absolutely precious and Rach and Drew are so in love with him already. I can't wait to meet him!

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