Friday, May 27, 2011

An update in iPhone pics

I have a lot of random pictures on my phone over the last month or so that have not made it in any of my recent posts. Some of these were taken by my kids inadvertently and some on purpose. Most of them are just in the moment grab your phone real quick cause this is cute kind of pics. Enjoy!

Maddie's self portrait

This has happened on more than one occasion....Hunter chasing an armadillo with a stick

Hunter thought it was funny to take pics of Madison crying after her shots

I found these a few days later. I had no idea he was taking pictures or even knew how to take pictures for that matter

Jordan bought Hunter a fish. He named it Buggy

Cayden is here!

On Sunday Rachel reached 37 weeks and was finally taken off bedrest. She had been on bedrest for preterm labor since 31 weeks. She didn't even make it a full 24 hours off bed rest before she went into labor with Cayden on Monday morning May 23rd at around 1:30am. She texted me around 6:30am to see if I was awake. I called her immediately because I just had a feeling she wasn't going to last very long off bed rest. She told me she would be heading to the hospital soon! Woohoo!!! Cayden Drew Colon made his entrance at 37 weeks 1 day at 7:08pm weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and 19 inches long. He is absolutely precious and Rach and Drew are so in love with him already. I can't wait to meet him!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dallas weekend

We went to Dallas this past weekend for a very quick trip. Jordan drove his Harley up (he took the back roads) and I drove the kids up. This was Jordan's first road trip on the bike, which is not the "roadtrip" type of bike. The kids and I left first thing Friday morning and were there by lunch, Jordan rolled in around dinner time looking totally wiped out from riding all day long. After lunch and nap time the kids and I played with Aunt Rebekah and waited for daddy and Papa and Vivi to come home.

Hunter was so excited when Vivi got home he ran up and gave her a big hug

The next day was "Hog Wild" at Christian Care Center. There were lots of bikes there on display from various friends and family of CCC. This was the reason Jordan road his Harley. We had a great lunch outside and it was a gorgeous day.

The kids had fun running around outside and playing with Aunt Beekah and Uncle James who brought Babycakes (Harvey and Mary's dog)

After lunch we made a visit to see Harvey and Mary

We went home in time for naps and while the kids napped I ran over to visit Rachel (who was still on bedrest with Cayden). When the kids woke up Vivi was ready to bake cookies with them! This is one of Hunter's favorite things to do.
Such a cutie

Maddie couldn't help herself. She always wants to do what Hunter is doing.

She kept a close eye on the cookies while they were baking
That night Jordan and I left the kids with Papa and Vivi and we met my family at the Melting Pot (YUM) to celebrate Meagan's birthday.

Meagan and Chloe's birthdays are only 2 days apart so it was a double celebration
On Sunday we went over to Nana and Pop's house for Chloe's 3rd birthday party. We had lunch and cupcakes and the kids had fun playing games in the backyard.
Birthday Princess

After the party we headed back to Houston this time with the motorcycle in tow. After the long day on Friday we decided it would be a good idea to purchase a utility trailer for the motorcycle. We couldn't get on the road until 4pm on Sunday so the thought of Jordan trying to ride the bike back that late and so soon after his drive up was daunting to say the least. It was definitely a good purchase since we tend to move every year or two. A trailer for that bike (among other things) will come in handy :)