Monday, April 11, 2011

Kansas city weekend

We just returned from a VERY quick trip to Kansas city with the Bentons. We drove to Dallas on Thursday morning and stayed the night with the Bentons. Friday morning we all loaded up and headed to Kansas city. We took 2 cars, guys and toddlers in one car and girls and babies in the other. The guys were able to stop for the multiple toddler potty breaks and the girls could stop for babies to be fed without us all having to make multiple stops for each other. We all made it to KC in great time around 5:30pm. We were just in time for the Niswanger twin's first birthday party!

Madison had a blast playing catch with this ball. She would throw it up in the air and then run over and get it...repeat 4,000 times.
The older kids had fun on the swing set out back
Landon (3.5) has gotten so big!
Lori and Lawson (14 months)
Kaitlyn (2.5) and Amber
Madison (11 months)
The birthday babies Ava Grace and John Carter
The whole and miss these guys
Ava Grace Loooooooooved the cake
Llon and Lawson
Poor John Carter didn't feel good

Emory huggin her momma
Some goooooood Hunter snuggles
Emory (3) fixin' my hair

Kate Kate (Kaitlyn) chattin' with Rudy
Ava Grace (12 months)
JC getting some good momma snuggles
During the kid's nap on Saturday the girls went to the Briscoe's to meet their newest little one Olivia!

She is so beautiful!
Blake, Meaghan and Graham are doing so well as a family of 4 now. They haven't missed a beat!
After a quick visit we returned to the house to get ready for Emory's 3rd birthday party!
Patricia made this princess cake
Birthday girl was so excited about her Princess party at Jumpin' Jax
Jamie Kirby and her 11 month old Beau. Beau and Madison are only 3 days apart!
Robbie snugglin' Hailey
Hunter was worn out the whole party (little did we know he was getting sick)
Kaitlyn wasn't so sure about the big slides at first but she ended up LOVING it
Amber, Kaitlyn and Hunter
Jordan and Maddie
After Emory's party we headed back to pack up so we could leave for Dallas early Sunday morning. We made it back to Dallas on Sunday evening. This morning (Monday) we headed back to Houston where we will be for just 4 nights before we turn around and leave again!

We had such a wonderful weekend with all of our KC friends, even though we were sad that a few were missing. It's always nice to have a reason to get together. It's crazy how much our group has grown in the past 3 years with KIDS! We have all had at least 1 kid, some 2 some 3. Some have moved away and some are in the process of moving but when we get back together it always seems as if no time has passed! Such great friendships that we will forever cherish!

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