Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter weekend in Dallas on the tail end of a 10 day stay. We took the kids up to see Vivi at Christian Care center on Thursday so they could do the Easter egg hunt and see the Easter bunny. We ended up getting there early and they got to hunt eggs before the other kids arrived. We put a limit on their total but they still had fun hunting.

Hunter met the Easter Bunny

They love seeing their Vivi
Saturday we took them to the Highland Oaks egg hunt that Nana had put together as part of their community outreach.
Meagan, Noah and Chloe were there too

We invited the Benton's to come out too so we could hang out with them

Hunter loves hangin out with Pop

Hailey was too young for the egg hunt but she was pretty content to watch
Maddie didn't hunt eggs either because the older kids were pretty rough and would have totally trampled her!
Easter morning we went to Highland Oaks with my parents (Maddie's first Easter)
My handsome men
After church we ate a quick lunch and drove back to Houston!

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