Sunday, April 3, 2011

11 months old

Madison is 11 months old! I can't believe how fast this year is going. I just finished the final plans for her birthday party. We are going to do it 2 weeks early so we can time it up with a trip to Dallas. It's crazy to me how fast time flies especially with the second kiddo.

My sister took some pictures of the kids when they were staying with Nana and Pop a few weeks ago so I used one of them for her birthday invitation. I love them! I can't wait to do the cake smash in a few weeks. Here are the ones of Madison.

This one is my favorite :)

So sweet!
This month Madison really took off with the walking. She has been playing with it since 9 months but she decided it was time to do it full time. This new form of mobility hasn't changed much in our routine except that she is a stealth now. I can't hear her sneaking off when she is walking, like I can when she is crawling, so I have to really keep my eyes on her!

Poor girl is still sick with an ear infection. She is going on 7 weeks of the same ear infection. She is on her 4th round of antibiotics and will most likely be getting tubes. We haven't met with an ENT yet but that is most likely in our near future. She has done remarkably well this month despite the ear infection but it has effected her sleep schedule just a tad. She does great at night. Goes to bed at 7pm and gets up between 7:15- 8:00am. Her naps are what have been effected. First off, the constant changing of antibiotics has totally messed with her "potty" schedule which almost always interrupts a nap or cuts it short. Also, she hasn't had a very good appetite because of the latest antibiotic (which was significantly stronger than the others). Today she switched to a new one so hopefully her appetite will come back. So we have been doing lots of smaller meals and she added the 3rd nap back for the most part since her naps were getting cut short. She either takes 3 (1 hour naps) or 2 (2+ hour naps) but either way she still sleeps 12-13 hours a night so I will take it!

She weighs 19.6 pounds, as of last week, and she wears size 3 shoes (which she actually needs now), size 12 month clothes, size 4 regular diapers and size 5 night time diapers. She has 6 teeth and two beautiful earrings :) which she hasn't noticed one bit!

She and Hunter had fun playing on the driveway the other day. She was having fun practicing walking in shoes since I keep her barefoot at home.
She is still a very laid back and easy baby. She loves to be held and scratched and read to. She is OBSESSED with the iphone. She loves to play peek-a-boo and she loves to watch Hunter and try to play with his cars. Hunter can make her laugh like no one can, which he LOVES (such an entertainer that boy). It is so adorable to watch these two interact. She loves him and thinks he is the best thing ever. They like to wrestle and Maddie can actually hold her own pretty well. She is a tough cookie!

Maddie loves to climb the stairs. LOVES IT. She loves baths and loves to go swimming. She enjoys being outside and going on walks in the stroller. She loves swinging at the park and likes to be positioned where she can see what's going on. She is a watcher. When she is in the stroller or swing she is content to sit there doing nothing so long as she has someone to watch. But when she is down on the floor she is BUSY BUSY. She is always up to something. She will not sit still and just snuggle unless she JUST woke up. We laugh at how rare it is for her to just sit still enough for us to hold her for a bit. She is always on the go. After she wakes up from her naps she has about 3-4 min of snuggle time, and she gets upset if she doesn't get it, but when she done...she's's time to get movin!

She also decided she was done nursing a few days ago. I think my trip away from her is what actually did it because for the first time she was on just bottles and sippy cups for an extended period of time. As I said before she is BUSY BUSY. So when I returned she just acted like she didn't have the time to nurse anymore. At that point we were already down to just twice a day (morning and bedtime) so after a few days of trying I finally just gave up. She is fully weaned now and hasn't looked back! She gets whole milk from a sippy 4 times a day with her meals (since she won't take formula) and has done great with the transition!

I can't believe the first year is nearly over! We love you Madison and can't imagine life without you in it. You are such a joy and a blessing and we love watching you grow up, we just wish it didn't have to happen so fast!

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Christine said...

Aww sweet Madison! I cannot believe that she is 11 months old! She is just getting prettier and prettier! I enjoy reading your monthly blogs on Madison! It seems like so much as changed in the last couple of months! She's not nursing and she is walking! She is so sweet! I want to see you guys soon!