Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend in Dallas

Last weekend we went to Dallas to see the family and attend the wedding of one of Jordan's best friends from college. Our families had not gotten to celebrate Hunter's 3rd birthday with him since we were moving on his birthday and 3/4 of us had the swine flu. I felt bad that we didn't get to do a "real" birthday party for Hunter, given the circumstances, but this worked out well anyway because he has had 4 mini parties! By the end of the weekend he fully expected every meal to end in him blowing out candles to the happy birthday song!

We had a cousins party at Nana's and Hunter got some cool new cars from the movie Cars as well as some cool new summer outfits.

So excited about his cupcake

Madison had her first piece of cake. A little practice for her cake smash in a few months. Needless to say she loved it.

They enjoyed playing with their cousins for the weekend. Noah and Chloe are both SO good with her.
Love this little outfit from aunt Beekah. Purple is my favorite color on Madison.

Hunter also got to have another mini party with Papa, Vivi, Beekah and James at the Cheesecake factory.
So excited about that candle. He also sang happy birthday to himself.
Maddie and Papa
Maddie and Vivi
Daniel and Sarah Novakov's wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Jordan was one of the groomsmen and it was definitely an entertaining weekend!
Ashley Robin and me
Jordan, Daniel Novakov and Casey Robin

Jordan, Jim Molinaro and Julius Jones
Always entertaining to get this Notre Dame crew together!

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